Who is your greatest hero

My greatest HEROINE 🦸

Who is your greatest hero? 🦸‍♂️

Superman? Wonderwoman? Your mum? Dalai Lama?

Everyone has some role model. No matter if real or as fiction. In any case, I wish that you have a person or figure that you can emulate and that gives you at least mental support in difficult situations.

There is always at least one specialist on every topic. For example, if you start playing tennis, you might choose Rafael Nadal or Dominic Thiem as your greatest heroes. When it comes to survival or human rights and how much a single person can achieve, your hero will undoubtedly be Rüdiger Nehberg. If you need a heroine who has proven time and again that you can achieve EVERYTHING as a woman in a male-dominated sport and even be world champion after being shot 4 times, then Rola El-Halabi is without a doubt your greatest heroine on this planet!

I have a lot of heroes and role models. Depending on the topic. This is the most important trick to get through difficult times (and I've already had more than enough of them) and to get up again and again when you've just fallen on your face. You need a goal and a "why". Everyone who deals with personal development knows that by now. But what very few people know is that the really successful people who seem to create superhuman things first and foremost ask the question "WHO?" put! WHO can help me, WHO can give me good advice? Of course, the one who has already been where you want to go. Someone who has survived where you are still in the middle of it. If you dig into the stories of such people, you will find that they too had people who asked them for advice. But you will also find that for every person who helped you or served you as inspiration, at least 100 people came who did not believe in them, laughed at them, mocked them and put obstacles in their way.

🤣First they laugh stupidly! Then they look stupid! 😲

If you need examples of this, I strongly recommend the life stories of Rüdiger Neberg and Rola EL-Halabi!

Rola coined the saying: "Be your own cheerleader!" or "Success is always achieved by the whole team, but you only have defeats on your own!" How true. In every branch. When it comes to success, everyone is always involved and wants to be mentioned and celebrated, but when it comes to defeats, nobody wants to be the person responsible in front of the camera. In those times when you need the most encouragement, you MUST be your own cheerleader!

At the age of 6, my daughter understood this better than any adult. In her best friend's book of friends, she said, "Who is your greatest hero?" the following written: 😮 I 🤩

Let that affect you ...

Would you have written yourself down?

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