How to wind a mechanical watch

How to wind up a mechanical watch: tips

If you have bought a mechanical watch and you want it to maintain its functionality for a long time and not stop at the worst possible moment, then from time to time you need to monitor its winding.

Features of mechanical watches

It should be noted that most of the examples do not have an automatic wrapping system. Then the question arises: how should you wind such a mechanical watch yourself? The mechanical system is considered to be its main differentiator.

The main quality that distinguishes the products from each other is the presence or absence of an automatic watch winding system. It brings the device into operation without human intervention and is not available in every watch. Therefore, in most cases, you need to ensure the proper operation of the product yourself. But here's how to properly wind a mechanical wristwatch so that it ends up functioning accurately and harmoniously.

How do I wind a mechanical watch without an automatic winding system?

Mechanical watches are a common type of jewelry for both men and women. Everyone wants to know in detail how to wind a mechanical wristwatch so that it is practical and of good quality. All work can be done in a simple way.

It must be wound exclusively in a clockwise direction, and the product must first be removed from the hand, as this will allow you to reduce the load on the mechanism and create all the conditions for comfortable adjustment.

If, due to the sensitivity of the structure, you do not know what the power reserve is, in this case 3-5 turns of the crown will be enough to restore the required mode of operation. It will only be possible to understand that there are enough turns when you feel the resistance of the crown. If such an obstacle occurs, the system must be stopped immediately so as not to damage the internal mechanism.

Many owners prefer to start the product in the morning or in the evening. Of course, there is no tradition here of how to wind a mechanical watch. It is precisely in such periods that sufficient time is made available for a fully-fledged factory and the installation of the product.

Practice shows that with careful maintenance of the watches and timely winding, you can keep your technical data longer. This allows the user to enjoy the best features of their product.

How do I properly wind a mechanical automatic watch?

Typically, the automatic system will independently adjust the performance of the device if it is worn by hand on a regular basis. In order to decide how to wind a mechanical watch with such an internal system, the following important rules should be highlighted:

  • With a watch on your wrist all the time, you don't have to think about winding it.
  • If you have not used the watch for a day, that is, if you have not placed it on your hand, you can work again with three turns of the crown. But if this amount is not enough, then do more, the main thing is that the mechanism becomes functional again.

Typically, the automatic system can ensure high quality operation of the device for 24 hours. However, here everything can depend on the intensity of wearing it by hand.

Does the watch need to be wound if the time is set or stored?

When it becomes necessary to translate the arrows, the following extremely important rules must be observed:

  • If not a day has passed since the last installation, you do not need to restart the device as the system is working properly.
  • Moving the hand, you need to carefully and gradually carry out all the work, since a sharp and prolonged movement of the hand can damage the tiny trunk, leading to a violation of the usual way of working.
  • And remember the most important thing, that you only need to turn the crown forward, as this will not damage the mechanism, but will adjust it for further convenient use.

Tips on how to wind a mechanical watch correctly

How do you wind a mechanical watch? This question arises in the mind of every owner of this accessory, as sooner or later the technician will need maintenance and certain diagnostic work. Many mechanical watch users are interested in: is it possible to move the hands backwards, or should they only be moved forward to correct the condition? In fact, you can adjust the time with each movement of your hand, but it is best to do so in the direction that requires fewer turns.

When setting the time on a mechanical watch, the hand does not have to be turned in one long movement, but in several movements. This should be done from time to time so as not to endanger the internal parts used.

In this case, if you need to change the date on the calendar, it will have to be adjusted manually and without sudden movements, since the mechanism is not designed for high speeds during operation and setting.

And remember that all you have to do is wind a mechanical watch without an automatic winding system, since devices of the latter type can handle the settings on their own. The information above will help you figure out how to properly and quickly wind a mechanical watch.