Is the Democratic Party incompetent

Why the Democrats did so badly in the US election

... aside from the fact that they could defeat Donald Trump. A comment.

Regardless of the fact that they found it extremely difficult to defeat the obviously corrupt, incompetent, lying and corporate-owned Donald Trump in the presidential elections even in the so-called swing states, the Democrats achieved a bad election result on November 3rd.

For the election campaign, the Democrats had twice as much funds as the Republican Party. But regardless of this financial cushion, the party has proven that weak candidates without a solid agenda for everyday life, work and the families of voters are a guarantee of failure.

Because in the end the Democrats could not convincingly prevail against the worst, cruelest, most ignorant, law-defying and reality-denying Republican Party in its 166-year history.

The Democrats also failed to win the Senate majority, even though almost twice as many senators stood for re-election on their side than the Republicans. The Democratic Party even lost seats in the House of Representatives. Nor have the Democrats in any state succeeded in overturning an existing Republican majority, allowing Republicans to continue manipulating the state constituencies in their favor.

Will all of this lead to a serious and self-critical debate in the Democratic Party? Better not to bet on that. The Republicans had tried to learn from their 2012 losses, after all, which led to their renewed success. Instead, the Democratic Party is already looking for scapegoats, such as candidates from third parties.

Will the main culprits behind this inexcusable defeat, Senator Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, explain themselves? Will they take a little responsibility? Will they explain to the American people why they wasted so much money on their commercial media advisors on shallow, ineffective television advertising in order to motivate voters to cast their votes beyond motivation to vote out Trump?

Open questions from the followers of Sanders and Warren

A third of all eligible voters stayed at home. Could part of the problem be the 15 percent commission the consultants receive from TV ad revenue while a free street campaign is in progress?

Can Democratic leaders provide adequate answers to voters for progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, whose will has been ignored? Can they provide an answer on why the subsistence wage, massive white-collar crime, and the May-Republican bailout stimulus and relief package (including an extension of $ 600 weekly extra payments to millions of desperate workers and emergency aid to local authorities during Covid) -19 pandemic) were not placed at the center of the debate? Why did the Democrats refuse to run a campaign for comprehensive health care for all that 70 percent of the US population supports?

In this regard, political and media expert Bill Hillsman is right in suggesting that the Democrats missed out on targeting white industrial and craft workers who turned away from the Democrats in the 2016 election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump .

In general, the Democratic Party has long had a problem with its authenticity. A comprehensive program of job creation and infrastructure expansion was announced, which was to be financed by withdrawing corporate tax cuts and plugging tax loopholes. But this is perceived by many voters as too unambitious a project.

Democrats should have explained at the local level how the modernization of our schools, clinics, roads, mass transit systems, waterworks and other public services can be achieved with well-paid jobs and through determination and integrity.

Meanwhile, the "Trumpsters" showed wild determination in the fight for their self-centered and dictatorial would-be head of state Donald. They counted on more rallies and posters as well as an intensified door-to-door election campaign.

Mockery and mockery are no substitute for political controversy

The Democrats, however, have again misinterpreted the flawed polls, assuming that the projected record turnout will primarily benefit them and not the Trump camp, which was also able to mobilize more votes.

Many Democratic officials treated Trump with scorn and ridicule instead of making it clear how his continued disregard for the law and repeated violations of the Constitution have harmed the population and how he has subordinated the government to big business, which has since been able to operate at its own discretion .

Meanwhile, Trump is criminally breaking federal law. Examples include his handling of the Hatch or Anti-Deficit Act, his abuse of federal property, including the White House, for his campaign, the illicit use of funds, and his brazen disregard for numerous House inquiries.

But neither Joe Biden nor Barack Obama nor the Democratic Party have made this corrupt obstruction of justice a central issue and put it on the political agenda. They even ignored Trump's repeated criminal attacks on women.

These numerous apparently missed opportunities had ramifications. Aren't Trump voters and their families suffering from the frozen minimum wages, from the lack of adequate (or even at all) health insurance, from the massively rising prices for drugs that Trump has not lowered?

Trump has poisoned the air and water to a greater extent than before and allowed more dangerous jobs. Trump euphemistically describes the threat to people and the planet as "opening up the market". But in reality he has only rewarded his financiers from the entrepreneurship with many of his measures.

Trump is more active than the Democrats in many ways. Why aren't the Democrats promoting more unions, more consumer cooperatives, more campaign finance reforms, and why aren't they treading other well-known avenues to increase the direct influence of the population?

Democrats have let Trump get away with it too often

No, on the contrary, the Democrats would never advocate that the American people, not the corporations, should control what already belongs to them: the public land, public broadcasting, or stock-based pension funds that invest their money.

The Democrats never even think of asking US taxpayers to share in the growth of modern industries from aerospace to computer to agribusiness, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and other industries that have trillions US dollars in development -Dollars of government investment have flowed.

While Trump calls for violence on the street and then shouts out loud for "law and order", Democrats fail to demand "law and order" in return for violent and polluting companies that deceive and harm children, consumers, workers and communities as well as rip off government programs like Medicare.

Trump got away with running the federal police for corporate crime. Also, Democrats will never hold Trump accountable for the skyrocketing, rampant and uncontrolled military budget that is burning much-needed funds.

Apart from the Ukraine scandal, the Democrats have refused to try the Republicans in court on several occasions. A nationwide televised trial of a dozen of Trump's crimes that justified impeachment (like this one) would pause even the most staunch Trump supporters.

The Democrats just let Trump and his lawless Attorney General William Barr get away with all of their corrupt, criminal and unconstitutional acts that turned the White House into a crime scene. And despite this delinquent, Trump was on the verge of winning the electoral body for a second term.

So next time, the leadership of the Democratic Party should listen to citizens' groups and lawyers and not act so complacent and self-centered.

So now let's see how much of Trump's devastating moves Biden will take back and repeal in order to implement truly progressive and majority-minded policy.

Ralph Nader is a consumer protection attorney, multiple presidential candidate, and author of the non-fiction book Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us! His article was published in English by Counterpunch.

(Ralph Nader)

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