Why did they stop dubbing One Piece?

Why did English dub anime companies stop dubbing anime songs?

I suppose to save some money. Dubbing a song in English always seemed like a rare thing anyway. Anime licensing / dubbing companies here in the US are always trying to save as much as possible to keep them in the black.

They need extra time and money to find a singer to sing the song in English, get access to the instrumental version of the song (unless they decide to create their own instrumental, which is even more expensive), and give the singer Time to study and practice the song, then get them to record the song.

The alternative is to leave the song as is in Japanese and use subtitles for the lyrics.

For these companies, it's just not worth the effort. If they do, it's because they believe the show will sell better that way.

Paul Rowe

Even adding subtitles to the song is sometimes skipped. Someone who cannot understand the lyrics can appreciate a catchy melody without being distracted by the (often nondescript) lyrics.


Indeed! Usually companies will subtitle the songs as they will subtitle the rest anyway, but yeah, it can save you a bit more money. It is also possible that the recording company of the song in Japan, for one reason or another, has prohibited the English company from subtitling the song or providing the lyrics for the song.

Paul Rowe

Heh ... I remember watching fansubs from Bleach and seeing them change the subtitles of the theme song when they realized they had heard something wrong. What I remember is that "GOODY" became "GOOD-bye".