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Why is?

When Wayo received the coveted acceptance from the university, he was overjoyed. Not only can he go to college with his best friend Ming, no, he's close to his high school crush too. The attractive medical student Phana.

With Wayo's participation in the Moon and Star Contest (the representatives of the university, so to speak), he caught the attention of the previous winner, Phana.

2Moons2 consists of three beautiful love stories that show how dislike turns into affection.

why is it worth seeing

It's just a cute show. With relatively little drama and lots of gentle moments. 2Moons2 is perfect in stressful times when you just want to distract yourself a little and feel the need to smile.

In terms of plot, the series also takes its time and nothing is really rushed. As I said, the series is really very relaxing and that's how you follow the action.

I don't know how much I can write about the individual couples here without spoiling.

For those who have watched 2Moons and are unsure whether to give the new cast a chance:

I also avoided the remake for the longest time so you're not alone. At first it is quite strange, especially when it comes to Wayo and Pha. Because I think that the characters have changed a little with the new cast.

And the story, which we loved so much back then, is shortened considerably in the second season and is not told so sweetly. But Mingkit in particular more than compensates for this fact.

The next couple get the screen time they deserve in the remake and are always worth giving the drama a chance.

It's also nice to enjoy Phas and Wayo's happy ending, as 2Moons almost ended at the point.


Compared to his colleagues, the acting performance of the actor who plays Wayo (Earth Teerapat Ruangritkul) was a little weaker. I didn't quite buy the role from him.

But maybe I'm biased because I found Wayo's actor from 2Monns (Suradet Piniwat) just great.

Some moments are depicted a little exaggerated, but not so often and so much that it is noticeable negatively. Personally, I found it rather funny, but I can imagine that some people might not like it that much.

The story is not particularly new, very moving, or surprising, but quite nice to look at.


3 out of 5 stars

Where can you watch it?

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