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Practical gifts

At the weekend, gifts with fast shipping are preferred

Practical tool with a multi-purpose function

8 in 1 kitchen tool

16,99 €
Multifunctional tech tool kit in silver

6 in 1 pen with touchscreen

12,99 €
This bracelet is not only optically 100% masculine

Leatherman bracelet with 29 tools

260,00 €
Practical footrest for relaxation and relief at the desk

Amazy foot hammock in blue

10,99 €
The personalized wooden beer carrier has space for 6 bottles

Wooden beer carrier for party friends

19,50 €
A must have for every grill master!

Grill cutlery set of 5 with engraving

29.95 € TIP
Optionally also with individual engraving

Screw man: office

24,99 €
Practical nail dryer

Nail dryer puffin monkey

5,95 €
The tea glass is engraved with your name or text of your choice

Engraved tea glass

3,94 €
So that your parking ticket is well secured

Parking ticket holder Kultauto - Porsche 356 A

20,50 €
High-quality bench made of solid spruce wood can be ordered including an engraved plaque

Ruby wedding bench

158,83 €
Original birthday present for wine lovers

Engraved precious wood bottle puzzle for a birthday

34,95 €
Cleans and disinfects keyboards, phones and even PCs from the inside

Cyber ​​Clean

7,95 €
Practical for every gardener

Garden set with basket

29,03 €
Provides cold beer enjoyment even on warm summer days

Outdoor buried beer cooler

99,95 €
Every glance at the clock is linked to a memory

Glass photo - clock

50,38 €
This makes everyone a professional grill

Charcoal table grill - professional version

99,95 €
Great gift for gamer breaks

Mug with game controller handle

8,45 €
Innovative beer cooler for outdoor use

Ice block form for beer crates

14,95 €
Practical gift for women

Make-up mirror with lighting

22,99 €
Made of black smooth leather

Hugo Boss Arezzo men's wallet

69,00 €

WMF steak cutlery

29,13 €
Culinary gift idea for recipes and notes

Cookbook to write yourself

6,90 €

"To give means to give something to someone else that you would like to keep for yourself"

Selma Lagerlöf
Practical multi-function tool for DIY

Multi-tool with your engraving

20,92 €
A highlight for every grill master

Grillmeister - cutting board with engraving

33,53 €

Tea bag tongs

4,95 €
Made from high quality oak

Big wooden beer mug

27,95 €
Made of stainless steel for 8 bottles

Blomus wine bottle wall holder

49,45 €

Make filter settings and search specifically!

The selection under is huge, but with our product finder and the associated filter settings you can limit the results sensibly. For example, if you are looking for a practical gift for a man in his mid-40s that should not cost more than 50 euros, the search results can be precisely narrowed down by specifying gender and budget. The filter system only generates articles that meet your specifications. This speeds up the search for a suitable gift immensely and brings maximum convenience with it. Start now and answer the following questions:

  • Female or male? Check one of these two options so that the system can make the item arrangement gender-specific.
  • Which age group? There are more than a dozen age groups from babies to seniors. Do you need gifts for children, teenagers or adults? Determine the age and our product finder will make suitable product suggestions!
  • In which relationship? Are you related, friends or just in business contact with the person you want to surprise? This information also helps when putting together gift ideas.
  • How much can it cost? If you have a limit or a certain amount available, you should set that. The filter system then removes all items that are too cheap or too expensive. That saves valuable time and nerves. Sorting by price can also help.
  • Or something specific? Dad wants new grill utensils and your best friend wants a robot vacuum? Congratulations, finding something practical will be even easier! Enter a keyword in the search field at the bottom left! The system searches our range immediately and will present corresponding offers separately.

Useful for home and garden

There is a large selection of gifts for the home and garden. There are a multitude of practical things that enrich everyday life and are ideal as gifts. In order to illustrate the colorful world of themes, we would like to draw your attention to some special features and inspire you:

kitchen utensils

Nobody wants to leave a bad impression with their gift, be it a birthday, Christmas, Easter or any other occasion. Household appliances and accessories for the kitchen in particular have fallen into disrepute in the past because they suggested to recipients which housework is their area of ​​responsibility and conveyed a negative message. It wasn't intended, but negative examples such as pans, vacuum cleaners and irons just don't go down well with most of them.

But there are two main reasons why it is still worth looking for suitable gift ideas in the kitchen utensil sector: On the one hand, there are definitely people who are happy about a food processor or practical kitchen aids because they can make preparation much easier with it. Those who like to cook and bake will enjoy it. That is why it is important to include personal preferences in the purchase decision. On the other hand, the market has various gifts ready that are not directly related to kitchen work and therefore remove any worries from the world. A fun tea strainer for tea lovers, an exclusive bottle wall holder for wine connoisseurs or creatively designed cups are wonderful solutions if they are selected according to preferences.

Further suggestions:

For balconies, patios and gardens

Would you like to make flower lovers happy and present something useful? How about a garden basket including garden tools that you equip with flowering plants? There are plenty of people who enjoy doing things like this because they love gardening and consider it a hobby. Is it instead about sun worshipers who like to relax outside in their free time? A tasteful wooden deck chair with a custom engraving could be the ideal surprise. Do you know a pool owner? We also have practical extras in store for the cool water: A floating bar or inflatable air mattresses in funny designs ensure a good mood. Take a look around, you are guaranteed to find something!

Decorative home accessories

Decoration can also be practical. Illuminated wooden letters, for example, create a cozy ambience, magnetic calendars ensure a stylish overview and a glass photo including a clock combines something personal with the time-of-day display, which is helpful in everyday life. There is a lot that goes down well in everyday life and doesn't end up as a useless dust collector. Homely gifts as a suggestion:

Practical for barbecue fans

Grilling is fun and brings moments of culinary pleasure. In recent years, barbecuing has become a real national sport and the demands on accessories are continuously increasing. All the better if the grill master or BBQ expert is given practical utensils that turn fiddling around with the grill grate into a pleasure. In our themed world for practical gifts you will find items such as barbecue aprons in a football design, luxurious barbecue utensils and grills. Humorous products are also included in this category. While Star Wars fans should be enthusiastic about the lightsaber-style barbecue tongs, DIY enthusiasts may freak out when unpacking a toolbox-style barbecue. If you want to search specifically for barbecue gifts, switch directly to the separate category. Everything to do with barbecues was arranged there. Spices, funny t-shirts, grill books, and more.

For pet owners

Owners of dogs, cats and the like are also happy about practical accessories that you have carefully selected to suit their needs. A clock in a dog design that allows you to include snapshots of the pet or a cat bell are original gift ideas. The latter is presented in the video in an understandable way:

Extras for relaxing moments

Relaxation is usually neglected in everyday life. The routine has us firmly under control. It is all the more important that you treat yourself to regular breaks so that your body, mind and soul can relax. With a gift you can direct the recipient to this and encourage relaxing breaks. Perhaps you have family members and friends who are constantly sacrificing themselves and working too hard. Make them happy with a practical wellness gift! A couple of suggestions:

Useful utensils for on the go

For on the go, we also present a diverse selection of practical gift ideas. The umbrella is indispensable. But you won't find boring models with us. Instead, imaginative alternatives in the look of cats, flamingos, bananas, rifles and co. Multifunctional tools, touchscreen gloves, thermo mugs with engraving and funny first aid kits can also be helpful.

A look at the auto gifts category could also be worthwhile at this point.

For adventurers and travelers

There are people who only feel completely at ease in nature. Some make hiking through unspoiled landscapes happy, others love to camp or get along with the bare minimum in the wilderness. The trade sells clever aids for this target group. We have researched and discovered practical things for adventurers and nature lovers. These include, among others, these gift ideas:

Are there relatives, friends or acquaintances who have gotten sick and love exploring foreign cultures? Our original gifts support travelers in their projects.

In addition to things that travelers need during their trip, you can fall back on alternatives that increase the anticipation of the next vacation. A cork pin board with a world map or a travel organizer to record the travel preparations in writing are conceivable gifts. And if you prefer an adventure gift for globetrotters, a visit to our themed world for wanderlust gifts is advisable. There you will find numerous gift vouchers for traveling.

Practical for babies, children and adolescents

For giving presents to babies, children and young people, we recommend lovingly designed burp cloths, piggy banks, gym bags with names or fragrant highlighters. Whether for the children's room, school or university: there is plenty of choice for everyone. By specifying the respective age group, you can filter practical gifts in a targeted manner. The linked categories can be used to speed up the search for gift ideas:

Gifts for superiors, colleagues and business partners

Those who want to give presents to the boss, work colleagues, employees or business partners often find it particularly difficult. Practical utensils for the office are well received in many industries. The same applies to gifts that have a positive effect on everyday working life. In addition to classy document folders and tie boxes, you can choose between chargers for smartphones in ballpoint pen design, heated retro drinking mugs and photo gifts for placing pictures of the family at work. Further product suggestions have been put together under Gifts for Customers and Colleagues.

Useful things for hobbies

Whether golfers, football fans, bookworms, technology freaks, serial junkies, festival goers, do-it-yourselfers or artists: hobbies are a dime a dozen and this diversity is reflected in the gift world. At you can rely on ingenuity and benefit from a generous selection of products for various interests. To get a first impression, here are a few examples:

We would also like to draw your attention to other categories and rubrics that invite you to rummage in the Hobby area:

DIY gifts - handicrafts and giving away

Practical gifts don't have to be bought. With creativity and a little time, you can create something that you have made yourself. Our DIY gift ideas are provided with step-by-step instructions so that you can find your way around easily and make the gifts easily. Practical do-it-yourself gifts at a glance:

Wearable for everyone

Do you want to make your girlfriend happy, surprise your parents with a souvenir at Easter or make your best friend cheer with an unusual gift? If your loved ones are interested in wearable accessories, we have a lot for you. While the sister might be impressed by heatable slippers and the parents will be happy about flip-flops with a personal snapshot of the offspring, friends can use funny t-shirts with slogans, sports bags or activity trackers. Select the filter option "portable"To generate appropriate product suggestions!

Practical for various occasions

In order to optimize the clarity, we have sorted the more than 8,800 products in our system according to occasion. If there is a specific occasion for which you want to do something good for someone, you can, as an alternative to the arrangement for practical things, call up the respective category. Tick ​​the box under "Preferences" under "Practical" in the filter system and the product finder will arrange everything that meets your requirements. Exemplary:

  • For school enrollment: children's quiz, DIY school bag, scooter, children's wristwatch
  • For the housewarming party: customizable doormat, vitality oven with fragrance mixture
  • At birth: baby blanket, adventure blanket, slumber bag, discovery book
  • For the wedding: flower vase with engraving, wedding album for personal design
  • At Christmas: popcorn machine, wake-up light, electric corkscrew

Tips on packaging, writing and being creative

In the gift packaging department you can order packaging materials and decorative accessories. Including ring ribbons, tasteful boxes in various sizes, gift bags and wrapping paper. You can read how presents can be staged in the guides for the categories birthday presents and Christmas presents.

You can use personal words to enhance your gift. In the case of a practical gift, you could explain why you chose it and what you hope to receive from it. For example, if you give a stressed person a wellness gift for soothing full baths in the bathroom at home, you could wish for relaxing hours full of rest, for example. When it comes to travel gifts for people with wanderlust, a "Come back healthy" or "Enjoy your break" would certainly be a nice gesture. Be creative!

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the YouTube video of a product tester who introduces cool gadgets for smartphones and a decorative extra for Tetris fans: