Why doesn't Modi welcome constructive criticism

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... and new ones are constantly being added. Why do new ones have to be uttered all the time? Up until a few years ago, this was not necessary because dealing with one another was characterized by respect and consideration. Unfortunately, only a small part of the guests / tourists are responsible for these bans. These guests miss any insight and forget that they are guests or neighbors. The list of wrongdoings is long. Strangely, it is these guests who then criticize the Internet. Criticism doesn't need intelligence, but constructive criticism does.

The contents of the site regulations and terms and conditions are not up for discussion. Anyone who thinks that some things have no place here or is upset about an article / ban, please harass the telephone counseling service or a parking meter.

We like to be hosts and look forward to welcoming you. We treat you with respect and we expect the same from our guests. We run our campsite with a lot of joy. We are happy to let our guests feel this (e.g. with our space design, attentive care and respectful interaction with each other) and it should stay that way for a long time.

If you don't like us, you still have to work on yourself a little. We assume common sense and an IQ that is at least slightly above that of a watering can.

Please only travel if you agree to our terms and conditions and space regulations.

Again, visiting our site is voluntary and at your own risk.

"Reason pursues me, but I am faster". In this sense...


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