Is it easy to learn to shoot

5 tips for breathing technique when shooting

(Sport) shooting is not just something where you take your weapon and shoot at the next best target that comes in front of the shotgun. Anyone who “gets lost” on our website and, above all, on our magazine, we believe, is clear. So you also know that natural talents rarely fall from the sky, for whom shooting is very easy.

But no matter how talented a shooter is at the beginning of his career, everyone has to practice using the weapon and learn a lot about the handling of weapons and their ammunition. A Sagittarius should have some basic skills or the will to train and refine them in order to be successful. In addition to the appropriate body control, a healthy inner calm and a certain basic condition, a Sagittarius should also know how to breathe properly.

At this point we would like to introduce you to 5 tips for breathing technique when shooting that will help you further.

Why correct breathing is so important

Correct breathing and the knowledge of its effects are so important when shooting because it triggers a change movement - even if it is only minimal. So it is imperative to use the right technique to compensate for this when there is a certain level of stress. This is exactly what the shooter is supposed to be taught.

If you are wondering how it works for shooting athletes to hold their breath and then hit it, let yourself be told that they first take a few controlled breaths before they shoot. This increases concentration and slows down the pulse, which could otherwise interfere with aiming and shooting.

At this point it should also be mentioned that there are different breathing techniques. Accordingly, the shooter has to find out for himself how best to get to his goal.

Basically, it is useful to know that we humans have abdominal and chest breathing, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. In everyday life we ​​fall back on both, but in sport you should consciously differentiate between these two breaths and choose one.

While chest breathing is responsible for supplying the body with oxygen and thus maintaining the body's functions, abdominal breathing is different. It reduces feelings of tension and makes us calmer. For good breathing, it is important to be in good physical condition, which you absolutely need as a shooter and which you can achieve through sport. Many Sagittarians like to do yoga, because this Indian philosophical teaching includes conscious body tension and breath control, which can also be very helpful for Sagittarius in other areas.

Tip 1
At first, you still breathe normally. Chest breathing, which dominates at this point in time, ensures that the body accumulates a certain supply of oxygen so that there is no undersupply in the breathing pause that follows soon.

Tip 2
Now the body slowly switches from chest and abdominal breathing. As a result, breathing becomes increasingly shallow. There are a number of suggestions as to how many breaths to take before aiming. It is not only important to pay attention to the number, but also to initiate the relaxation of the muscle relaxation. The so-called zero point control, so to speak concentrating on the goal, is the desired result. The breaths should not be less than three times and the breathing pause should not last more than a second or two.

Tip 3
Next is targeted. It is important that the respite goes into aiming mode as gently as possible so that the shot is not unintentionally panned. You can only shoot when you are sure that the zero point control is perfect.

Tip 4
Even if that sounds very complicated and technical, in the end it is about aiming as well as removing and reloading the weapon within a breathing space. Instead, it is a little longer, but should not be more than 10 seconds, because otherwise the risk increases that the body and breathing will “rev up” and missed shots are inevitable.

Tip 5
So that the body is no longer on the "back burner", a few deep breaths follow at the end, which run over the chest. In this way, the blood is again enriched with sufficient oxygen and you can switch back to abdominal breathing in order to prepare for the next shot.

We hope these tips, even if already known, will help you to achieve even better results when shooting.