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The magic of Malèna

The magic of Malèna (Original title Malèna) is an Italian-American feature film from the director and screenwriter Giuseppe Tornatore from 2000.



The film was nominated for two Oscars (Best Cinematography, Best Film Music) and received the David di Donatello, the most important Italian film award, in 2001. It also ran in the 2001 Berlinale competition.


The Magic of Malèna was sold on the US market by Harvey Weinstein. Because of the many nude scenes by Monica Bellucci and especially because of the scenes between 13-year-old Renato and Malèna, the film had to be cut for the USA. This cinema version, which was also marketed internationally, is only 92 minutes long, whereas Italian cinema-goers, according to IMDb, were able to see a 109-minute film; the version is available as a Korean special edition DVD.

Giuseppe Tornatore saw Monica Bellucci in a commercial for a Dolce & Gabbana perfume and offered her the role of Malèna.

The place name Castelcutò is fictional. The exterior shots were inter alia. Filmed in Messina, Noto, Syracuse and Taormina in Sicily.[1]


“The story of a boy growing up in the Italy of fascism and the tragedy of a woman who has to pay for her beauty. The brilliant play by Monica Bellucci, Italy's new superstar, is outstanding. "

"Warm-hearted and with adorable humor."

“… Tornatore distills a second hand Fellini ambience in Italy in the forties with a lot of visual value and constantly gives more to offer than the pompous childhood memories of a pubescent village youngster. The fate of its protagonist, however, ultimately remains superficial, the political framework serves more as a colorful time color than as a real historical-social classification ... "

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