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Soul mate - when love breaks all boundaries

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Love is love. Until the point in time when our soul mate meets us, we assume that we know the dynamics that a love relationship brings with it. We know what it feels like to be in love, to have the famous butterflies in your stomach. We know that when everyday life comes, not everything is always pink. And we have already learned how difficult it is to overcome lovesickness.

But then fate strikes and all our experiences, our points of reference and patterns of how something has to be and run are completely useless, because nothing is the same as it was before. Everything seems to be raised a hundredfold. Love is so much bigger than anything we have felt or experienced before, but also the pain that this connection can cause is so much more infernal than anything known and the emotional chaos into which we are plunged leaves us more than doubt our minds only once.

It could sound like this or something like that when one speaks of a soul mate. It is often very difficult not to lose your feet in this chaos of emotions. “Soul mate - when love breaks all boundaries”, reveals the hidden intentions and processes behind this fateful encounter.

- Do you have to find your soul mate, or is this encounter orchestrated by fate?
- Why do separations happen so often when love is so great?
- What is the real purpose behind this encounter?
- Which tasks have to be mastered before a permanent connection with the soul partner is possible?
- What are the differences between a soul connection and a "normal" relationship?
- Are there differences between dual souls, twin souls and twin flames?
- What is behind all the accidental “coincidences” that accompany this encounter?
- Why does love often scare us as hell?

This book gets to the bottom of these and other questions and shows that the answer is not necessarily to be found where we initially suspect it ...

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