Which shirt looks good with gray

Which color goes with gray?

"Great combinations for a neutral all-rounder"

Neutral colors like gray are ideal styling partners. The possibilities for combining shades of gray in fashion are almost limitless. Darker than white and lighter than black is the color tone that designers like to use for modern looks. The wonderful base color should, however, be skilfully combined in order not to look boring. So that you don't become a gray mouse, here are a few important styling tips for this fashionable color.

A color that is timeless and noble

Grays are reserved, neutral colors that don't compete for attention. They stand for seriousness, professionalism and are associated with wisdom and progress. The cool, almost metallic color tones symbolize at the same time discreet luxury that does not want to attract attention. The fashion color has now even conquered the beauty sector: gray is the new blonde and is presented daily on Instagram by bloggers and models with platinum gray hair.

From silver gray to anthracite: you should avoid these mistakes when styling

At night all the cats are grey. In daylight, however, the different nuances of colors come to the fore: some look warmer with a hint of rosé, some look muddy to greenish and others have a delicate blue sheen. You may already know which tone suits you personally and makes your complexion look fresh.

Professional color advice can also shed light on the dark and tell you whether you are more of a spring, summer, autumn or winter type.

Combining shades of gray with other colors sounds easy, but it's not. It is not for nothing that professional buyers run through the boutiques with the pantone fan. Tip: Once you have found the right shade for you, put a small piece of the fabric in your wallet for comparison. This way you can avoid bad purchases in the future.

It has proven to be helpful not only for textiles to step out of the neon light of the shop with the found item into the daylight and to check the tone carefully. Never put together your outfit from several very similar shades of gray on the same color level, instead choose nuances with contrast.

Tone-on-tone outfits: high-quality fabrics are important

An outfit completely in shades of gray tempts the viewer to focus more on the cut and the materials of the clothing. For this reason, avoid materials in clay outfits that are already pilling or that look inferior in other ways. Gray clothing literally screams for high-quality fabrics and perfect cuts, otherwise your look just looks mouse-gray and pathetic.

Silver gray and platinum gray are luxury colors and should be used accordingly. From head to toe in grayish sweatshirt fabric? Sounds cozy, but it's a fashion disaster for designers like Karl Lagerfeld.

Fabrics that surprise with different textures look particularly stylish. Show fashion expertise and mix gloss with matt, fluffy with smooth, knitwear with leather. The fashion color gray looks anything but boring.

Which color goes with gray? How to combine correctly

Clothing in gray is wonderfully suitable when you are in the mood not to want to attract attention at first glance. Everyone knows such moments when you want to be on the safe side with your outfit. Sometimes you just don't have the time to think about an outfit for a long time. Reaching for the tried and tested sweater or cardigan makes styling easier if you don't want to be the center of attention or if a relaxed look is the order of the day for the planned occasion. The same mouse-gray knitted sweater can be turned into a statement piece with skinny black leather pants. So gray becomes a fashion color and invites you to combine.

What color besides black goes well with the various shades of gray? We have put together the most beautiful combinations here.

Combine tone-on-tone or set contrasts: the best outfit ideas

An outfit kept entirely in gray always looks classy and serious. For the complete look, fashion professionals mix several gray tones that have a certain contrast, for example silver gray with anthracite. Dark gray has the advantage that it doesn't look as hard as black. If you stay in the same color family with the combination, a mix of materials is good. Overknee boots in suede look stunning with a fluffy oversized maxi sweater. Men wear beautifully washed gray denims with their elegant steel gray merino turtleneck; in winter, a timelessly cut dark gray pea coat made of a wool mix provides additional warmth.

Color with a glamorous touch

Gray outfits become glamorous when they are enhanced with metallic accessories. Women love glittering rhinestone elements on light gray knitted sweaters, sequined handbags and ankle boots in metallic coated leather.

Did someone say "gray mouse"? These looks prove that this designation doesn't have to be negative.

Would you like something more modern?

Gray tones are suitable for the office and serious if they are mixed with blue and white. Men wear a light blue business shirt with a dark gray pinstripe suit. A white women's blouse with a silver-gray costume exudes clarity and competence. To ask? The look is fresh and modern when you combine medium gray with a strong color. The bold of fashion play with accessories in neon colors, which are framed and at the same time reassured by basic wardrobe in neutral tones.

Whether it's the cool yellow slogan on the gray-orange hoodie or the smartwatch in bright pink on the wrist: bright colors mixed with neutral colors look cheeky and youthful. Red or royal blue look particularly beautiful together with the fashion color gray if they always only set one accent.

Choose a bright red loop scarf with a gray knitted dress and dark gray tights and brown riding boots. Men wear a royal blue shirt in a layered look under a simple V sweater with anthracite-colored trousers.

Very feminine look

Outfits look decidedly feminine when red tones come into play. Starting with rosé through pink to bordeaux and violet: berry tones add wonderful color accents to shades of gray. Whether as a stripe motif on the scarf, as a chain or as an under-shirt for the layered look, shades of red are best used sparingly. A burgundy blouse with a dark gray pencil skirt is class.

For the modern look, fashion girls combine a cuddly rose-colored mohair mix turtleneck with a slim, silver-gray blazer coat and skinny jeans with destroyed effects. Garments in gray tones are infinitely changeable and quickly become favorites in the wardrobe.

The fashion color gray has no expiry date

Textiles in gray tones are reliable combination partners for all looks. Tip: Buy preferably high-quality and long-lasting classics such as cashmere sweaters, virgin wool coats and blazers in neutral colors and mix them with inexpensive colored accessories.

In this way, you can always freshen up your basic wardrobe with the latest trends without having to dig too deep into your wallet. One thing is certain: gray will be the fashion color again next season.

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