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Pimp your profile These 6 tips will make online dating work better

First impressions count, even when it comes to online dating. We have researched the best online dating tips for you and know which pictures, descriptions and nicknames are better suited to your dating profile.

An online dating profile is like an application dossier. Creating it can be scary, especially the first time. Because of course it is not easy to advertise yourself as a hot commodity without appearing arrogant or, in the worst case, desperate.

But we can reassure you, it happens! People fall in love online every day. So it's worth a try. And all you have to do is give your luck a boost. We've researched the best expert tips for you to create an online dating profile that puts you in the best light.

Click for click to love happiness: 6 steps to a successful online dating profile

Online Dating Tip 1: In the Right Place at the Right Time

The most popular dating portals

  • Tinder
  • Parship
  • ElitePartner
  • E-darling
  • C-Date
  • Be2
  • Once
  • Swissflirt
  • Singles
  • Badoo

One can quickly drown in the sea of ​​dating portals. There are definitely differences. So make sure you have found the right one for you. If you are looking for a committed relationship, you should not choose a platform where casual sex dating is the maxim. Recommended for the serious partner search are, for example: ElitePartner, Parship or Once, if you are only looking for an adventure, you are probably better off on C-Date (read also: C-Date: An experience report) or Tinder.

Tip 2: say «Cheese»!

Online dating is no less superficial than real life clashes. If the potential Prince Charming clicks on your profile, one thing counts above all: photos. Dare to show yourself! Preferably on 3 to 8 photos. After all, Mr. Right should fall in love with you just as you are. With these tips you can put your dating profile in perspective.

1 For example, let your best friend take a picture of you in daylight. In the age of selfies, well-taken photos show a lot more engagement.

2 Make sure that you come across as natural and personable in your photo. Placed and artificial images are more of a turn-off. Maybe you light yourself up with your passion. Playing guitar, surfing, cooking.

3 A window is particularly suitable as a natural light source for the right picture. Direct your face towards the window so that it is not in the shade. Incidentally, light sources from above do not result in dark circles under the eyes.

4 Show yourself laughing. Believe it or not, someone who shows their teeth while laughing is immediately more personable.

Online dating tip 3: Schnuki86 writes ...

A nickname is a made up, virtual name and the first thing people read of you. So this name should make you curious about your profile. Most choose their nicknames based on hobbies, age groups and character traits. "Sunshine15" or "Wirbelwind123" are common nicknames on online dating sites. Try something different and stand out from others. So take enough time to brainstorm your creative name. It will be worth it. If you have no idea at all, try the random nickname creator:

Online Dating Tip 4: There's a lot more to it, isn't there?

Present yourself on your profile with clear and lively information. After all, you are not a bore! Most online dating portals have enough space to promote yourself and talk about yourself that will stimulate conversation. Humor doesn't hurt.

It is important to give a healthy mediocre amount of information about yourself. How do you write that interesting? Try concrete rather than general statements. Instead of “I like reading”, I prefer to write “I read Game of Thrones over a weekend”. If you are spontaneous, you can also tell about your last spontaneous action. So you make a lot more desire to learn more about yourself. And avoid clichés. Do you like to walk on the beach? Yes we all do ...

Online dating tip 5: play with face-up cards

Unfortunately, lies are not uncommon online. It's a shame because it will never lead to success. At the latest at a personal meeting, the cheating flies up. Women and men who stand by themselves with conviction are always the most attractive. Confidence and authenticity are sexy. So very important: Stay true to the truth, you don't have to invent an exciting hobby to look more interesting.

Online Dating Tip 6: Get Back To Reality

If you have the potential Mr. Right on the line, leave the virtual world as quickly as possible. The longer you don't face your prospect face-to-face, the more wishful thinking goes through your head. It is much more interesting to get to know people personally anyway.

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