What are the Republican and Democratic Parties

US parties

There are a number of parties in the United States. Most of them are very small. In the country's most important elections, such as the presidential election or the House of Representatives elections, only two parties matter: the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The US party system is therefore called a two-party system.

In contrast to the parties in Germany, the American parties are only very loosely organized. Your followers often have many different opinions. Even so, over time, fundamental differences have developed between the views of Democrats and Republicans.

What do the Democrats stand for?

The Democrats generally advocated a stronger state. That means they want the Washington government to have more rules that apply across the country. In addition, the Democrats stand for social issues: They want equality for all groups of the population and find, among other things, that homosexual couples should also have the right to marry. Democrats see it as a duty of the state to offer aid programs for the needy and to create social security for the population. Protecting the environment and the climate are also important to the Democrats.

What is important to the Republican Party?

Republicans want to keep the power of the state as small as possible. They find it better if the states can make their own decisions. Many Republicans don't believe that climate change is human. They also oppose many measures to protect the environment because they believe they could harm the American economy. National security is particularly important to Republicans. For example, they advocated strong border surveillance and tough measures against illegal immigrants. Many Republican supporters also find it important that every US citizen has the right to own a weapon.

Third Parties

In addition to the two large parties, there are also so-called 'third parties' in the USA. These include, for example, the Green Party, the Constitution Party, or the Libertarian Party. Because the parties are relatively small, they have not been able to achieve great success at the federal or state level to date. One reason for this is, among other things, the relative majority suffrage that applies to elections in the USA. It says that the candidate with the most votes always wins. The votes cast for other candidates expire and are not taken into account at all. This right makes it difficult for small parties to assert themselves against the big ones.
In many cities and municipalities, there are also numerous smaller parties that are known as 'Smaller Third Parties'.

Status: October 27, 2020, 3:03 p.m.