What are some good asian movies

In November 2018, Netflix premiered on-site content in Asia, demonstrating its growing efforts to bring Asian films closer to viewers around the world. "Asia is one of the world's largest creative centers producing some of the most impressive films and series of today," said Ted Sarandos, chief content officer at Netflix. "The nice thing about Netflix is ​​that we can bring previously completely unknown stories from South Korea, Thailand, Japan, India, Taiwan and other Asian countries closer not only to viewers all over Asia, but all over the world."

These Asian films have already managed to win over audiences around the world.

Editor's recommendation

1. Steel Rain

In the South Korean action thriller, top agent Chul-woo Uhm is supposed to take out two men who are dangerous for national security, but when US rockets cause a massacre and North Korean soldiers support the attack with a coup, his assignment changes: From now on the agent has to do it bring injured head of state of North Korea to safety and even flee to the enemy in the south. In addition, Uhm must avert an impending nuclear war between the countries. The film deliberately reveals parallels to Trump's bizarre war rhetoric and shows his lack of flair for diplomatic discussions.

2. Illang: The Wolf Brigade

“Ghost In The Shell” creator Mamoru Oshii had his anime film “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade” staged as an elaborate real-life film. In 2029, North and South Korea are getting ready for reunification in order to protect themselves from the militarily arming countries Japan and China. The South Korean police are therefore launching the Illang special unit - they are supposed to put a stop to those terrorists who stand in the way of reunification. A member of this unit has to watch a girl blow herself up in front of his eyes and thereby begins to question her bondage to the state.


3. Train To Busan

In “Train To Busan”, South Korea is hit by a zombie epidemic - the city of Busan is cordoned off to contain the spread of the epidemic. The protagonists of the fast-paced thriller are Seok Woo and his little daughter, who are traveling to Busan by train. An infected woman gets in unnoticed, turning other passengers into dangerous beasts. The superbly staged film has already grossed 83 million euros worldwide.

4. The Night Comes For Us

The Indonesian action thriller is about the ex-enforcer Ito and his mission to protect a young girl. After his mysterious disappearance, he tries to escape his previous gang, thus triggering a brutal fight on the streets of Jakarta.

5. Shirkers

In the documentary, director Sandi Tan tells how she and her friends Jasmine Ng and Sophie Siddique wanted to shoot the film "Shirkers" in Singapore in 1992. However, her American partner Georges Cardone disappeared without a trace - together with the 16 mm film recordings. After more than two decades, Tan, who now lives in Los Angeles, returns to the land of her childhood and remembers the man who both supported and betrayed her in making her dreams come true. The film won the World Cinema Documentary Directing Award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

6. Forgotten

In the South Korean mystery thriller, Hang-Jun Chang, one of the country's most renowned directors, tells a story pervaded by innumerable twists: Jinseok has been suffering from hallucinations since his brother's disappearance - until he returns after 19 days without any memory and accuses Jinseok of murder .

7. Lucid Dream

The South Korean science fiction film shows a father's desperate search for his child, who has been missing for three years. After all, lucid, that is, conscious dreaming, is supposed to help him track down his son's kidnappers.

8. Your Name - Yesterday, Today and Forever

In the romantic anime by Makoto Shinkai, a city boy and a country girl bond in a dream. They swap bodies and begin to communicate with each other. The film, which was released in Japanese cinemas in 2016, grossed over 10 billion yen (the equivalent of 79 million euros) in its home country. The soundtrack comes from the Japanese rock band Radwimps.

9. Flavors of Youth

The anime feature film "Flavors of Youth" by Yoshitaka Takeuch and Haoling Li tells three personal fates in three short stories called "Sunny Breakfast", "A Small Fashion Show" and "Shanghai Love" and thematizes the small joys in life. Behind the project are the creators of CoMix Wave Films, who were also responsible for “Your Name - Yesterday, Today and Forever”.

10. Blame!

In a gloomy, depraved world of the distant future ruled by bloodthirsty machines, protagonist Killy takes on the task of protecting civilization, which is dwindling due to a virus infestation, from extinction - the animated dystopia of "Blame!" comes from the cyberpunk manga of the same name by the Japanese artist Tsutomu Nihei.

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