What is the hottest food in the world

The hottest kitchens in the world

The spicy European cuisine is tame compared to Asia, Africa and America. France traditionally eats little spicy food. Hungary, Italy and Spain have at least something to offer for hot eaters. If you are a lover of spicy food, we have put together a top ten list of the hottest kitchens in the world.

Top ten hottest countries


In India, even the flatbread is spicy. If you think you can soften the spiciness of Chicken Tikka Masala by eating bread, you will get the next kick right away. Because a peppery spiciness of the masala mixture cannot be remedied by a khakhra bread baked with chilli. Particularly hot chilli varieties are grown in India.

Above all the notorious ghost chilli. Why is the ghost chilli called that? Because you see ghosts after you eat. The various hot spices used in Indian cuisine are particularly interesting: pepper, chilli, cumin and garlic. For both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.


In Thailand, the traveler would have to make an effort to find something mild. Fiery hot Thai soups, rice and noodle dishes are almost always seasoned with a generous helping of chili. The specialties are shaped by geography. With plenty of water and sea, marine animals, aquatic plants, and fish are popular ingredients. Today many typical dishes are prepared with chicken and coconut milk. Not to forget the Thai chilli.


Mexico, the motherland of chilli and spicy food. The Aztecs and Incas were the first to enjoy the spiciness of chilli. A typical dish is the chilli. Contrary to the chili con carne, which we quickly associate with Mexican food, the local chili is only prepared with beef. Tacos, burritos and tortillas, only real when they're really hot.


In China, Sichuan cuisine stands out as being particularly spicy. The use of chilli and more chilli makes the dishes really hot. A special feature is the use of, which tingles and makes the tongue appear numb. With the huge growing areas of wheat, millet and rice, there is a nice selection of side dishes on offer.

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Some exotic side dishes are commonplace here: sweet potatoes, yams, cassava, plantains, the list goes on and on. After Christophorus Columbus brought the chillies with him, they first found greedy followers along the African coast. The hot fruit helped the population to survive the hot days more easily. In the dark chapter of the slave trade, chilies were often carried along the routes by the black, displaced population. There is hardly a slave hut without a chilli front yard.


In Korean cuisine, a lot is marinated and grilled. Beef strips and pork belly are very tasty and hot. There is almost always aromatic rice and soy sauce. Many Europeans are not familiar with the symbolism and etiquette of Korean meals.

It also takes some practice to understand all of this. Always take the food presented to you with two hands. If someone gives you a business card, study it carefully. When you're done with that, start over. Perhaps this is the reason for the high number of users and length of stay on Facebook in Asia.

Kimchi, like rice, is served with almost every dish in South Korea. Chinese cabbage leaves are coated with radish, ginger and, above all, chilli. Then the whole thing is fermented with lactic acid. The method of preservation can be compared to that of sauerkraut.


Caribbean cuisine is fruity, spicy, delicious. A lot of fish and shellfish are eaten here. Relish and chutneys are often served with spicy dishes with rice. Popular chillies in the Caribbean are habaneros. These are also considered to be a particularly hot variety of chilli.

United States

USA and fast food, but not without a few slices of jalapeños or fiery chilli sauces. The spicy cuisine is particularly celebrated in the southern states. The Mississippi Delta became a melting pot of various influences from the European and African settlers.

Dishes from the Cajun kitchen are reminiscent of a paella. Crayfish, oysters, shrimp and sometimes alligator meat are used in it. Fish, reptiles, and crustaceans are abundant in the marshes and rivers surrounding New Orleans and Louisiana.

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Pepperoni has a different meaning in the USA than it does in Germany. We think of Italian chillies. In the USA, hot peppers refer to a spicy salami with paprika. It is often used on pizza. Most fast food chains come from the USA and fry hamburgers or bake pizza.

Sri Lanka

Until a few decades ago, the island of Sri Lanka was still called Ceylon. Since the Middle Ages it has been a transfer point for expensive spices to Europe. One of the most important spices in Ceylonese cuisine is curry. A spicy curry is eaten with lentils, beans, okra, lotus roots, poultry, seafood and fish. Always on the verge of being too hot for western palates.


Probably at least ten countries deserved to take last place in the list of the hottest kitchens before Germany. But spicy food is becoming more and more popular in Berlin, Bavaria and the Ruhr area. Number one among the spicy German dishes is the currywurst. Closely followed by kebab, pizza diabolo, Hungarian goulash and Asian noodles.

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