Why do students expand and contract

Possible applications

As a competition with two to three groups:
Whoever names it first, the group receives one point.

Line stretching
Students warm up on the sports field (e.g. 2 laps, -> students arrive at different times)
The teacher distributes the expansion cards to the next motif on lines in the target area.

Demonstrate and imitate
All students warm up in a circle, one student is shown a card, the student shows the exercise, everyone participates (one or two exercises, then continue walking, walking).

Draw-show-imitate in game form
Two to three groups. One student draws a card and shows the exercise, all students participate. If the students know the exercise they are allowed to shout out the name. The group that mentioned the exercise first receives one point. The person who named it is not allowed to call in during the next exercise.

Two to three groups. A student draws a card and names the exercise. The group must do the exercise correctly. The group that stretches completely correctly first receives one point.

Stretch memory
Two to four groups have a blank sheet of paper with boxes and the names of the stretching exercises. On the other side is the same sheet of paper, the individual stretching exercises are shown in the boxes. In the competition, the students run over, note the picture of an exercise and put the name of the stretching exercise in the corresponding field. There are points for the speed and for the correctness of the solutions