Where can I find inexpensive 3D modeling

From 2D plan to 3D model | 09/06/2016

HMQ AG creates inexpensive 3D models from digital and analog 2D data or a building survey. The 3D modeling is independent of the format and can be made available to the customer in any file format.

The new website of HMQ AG for services in the field of 3D modeling and 3D models can be found under the domain hmq-3d.ch.

From 2D plan to 3D model

Compared to the 2D plan, any floor plans, sections and views can be generated from a 3D model.

HMQ AG realizes the transformation from 2D plan to 3D model efficiently and cost-effectively. It does not matter whether the existing object has paper plans, digital 2D data or no plans or data at all. In the latter case, HMQ AG models the 3D model from a picture of the building.

3D models from a building photograph

HMQ AG models 3D models not only on the basis of existing 2D data but also from 3D point clouds, which are created from a building image using 3D laser scanning.

A 3D point cloud is not a “real” 3D model and, due to its usually enormous data volume (data size), is not suitable for further use. The 3D point cloud is generalized by HMQ AG during 3D modeling. "Real" 3D models are created with 3D elements such as walls, doors, windows, etc. which can be further processed by all architects, engineers and planners for the project planning.

Inexpensive 3D modeling of 3D models

The technical advances of the last few years, especially in the area of ​​software development, as well as the many years of experience of the HMQ Group in relation to the recording and display of three-dimensional objects mean that 3D models can be modeled efficiently and cost-effectively.

More and more architects and engineers are planning in the 3D CAD model because it is often more useful for project planning. Assuming the 3D modeling of one 3D model he follows easy, pragmatic and inexpensive. Requirements that the HMQ Group fulfills!

Author: HMQ AG

Photo: HMQ AG