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A must for every visit to Amsterdam! The exhibition is fabulous and the exhibits are wonderfully presented. We'll be back, definitely!

Tripadvisor, *****


The Rijksmuseum is located on Museumplein in the center of Amsterdam: close to the historic canals and shops and only a 20-minute walk from the Anne Frank House. Enjoy the relaxed tranquility in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city.


The many world-famous masterpieces in the collection have made the Rijksmuseum one of the most famous museums in the world. Just think of The Maid with Milk Jug by Vermeer, Van Gogh's Self-Portrait, Jan Steen's Happy Family and, last but not least, Rembrandt's Night Watch. Many other exhibits will surprise you and stimulate your imagination, for example Breitner's girl in white kimono and the Asian pavilion. Whether you are young or old, come from far or near - the Rijksmuseum always offers something new to every visitor.

A great museum, right through the history and different epochs of the Netherlands. Whether simple excavations, seafaring or famous Mahler.

Tripadvisor, *****


The Rijksmuseum has something for everyone: guided tours or games with the family, workshops and theater programs. If it's your first time visiting, how about our Das Beste vom Rijksmuseum guided tour in German? During the school holidays we arrange special activities for young people, e.g. B. an escape game.


The Rijksmuseum uses state-of-the-art technology for research and work on Rembrandts Night watch. Since Rembrandt's masterpiece is the most important painting in the "Gallery of Honor", we decided not to remove it for the restoration: It is not restored behind closed doors, but directly in the night watchman gallery, which all visitors can visit and the researchers live at the Being able to watch work - in the museum or online. We call this the "Operation Night Watch".


  • The “gallery of honor” with masterpieces by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Jan Steen
  • The maid with the milk jug and the night watch
  • The collection of dollhouses and ship models as well as the armory
  • The Cuypers Library, the oldest and largest collection of art history books in the Netherlands


  • Download the Rijksmuseum app: Here you can find special tours and follow ingenious routes.

  • Book your ticket online, benefit from discounts and choose your time slot as you wish.

  • Are you short on time? You can easily visit the highlights of the museum in just one hour.

  • Book a tour - for yourself or for your group.

  • Enjoy a bite to eat in the café before or after your visit.