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IIT funding

Clinical studies are at the core of the UCT's activities. In particular, self-initiated academic studies (English: investigator-initiated trials, IITs) are extremely important for clinical research, as they form essential points of contact for basic research close to the clinic, e.g. through the collection of biomaterials.

Above all, however, IITs are essential for patient care, because, in contrast to industrial studies, in which individual substances are usually tested for commercial reasons, IITs usually examine treatment concepts and issues that are important for therapy optimization. This is precisely why they have a particularly high priority in the assessment by independent sponsors.

In order to be able to give essential impulses to clinical research, the UCT has been promoting the activation of oncological IITs at the site since 2012. The focus of funding is primarily on studies with the following features:

  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Studies in regional cooperation
  • Studies in common tumor entities
  • Studies with high expected recruitment rates
  • Studies in a previously underrepresented area
  • Studies of particular importance for translational research, e.g. due to the associated collection of biomaterials

So far, six projects have been approved and financially supported:

Head and neck tumorsIMRT-based, neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy, with local dose escalation, followed by radical resection for squamous cell carcinoma of the head / neck area (INVERT-head & neck, 2012)
Applicant: Dr. P. Balermpas, Prof. Dr. C. Rödel, S. Bernuth, Dr. Dr. O. Seitz
Urogenital tumorsStudy to investigate the robot-assisted cystectomy in comparison to the open surgical procedure
Applicant: Prof. Dr. A. Haferkamp, ​​Dr. M. Reiter
Neuro-oncologyIntraoperative MRI and 5-ALA guidance to improve the extent of resection in brain tumor surgery (IMAGER)
Applicant: PD Dr. C. Mustard
Head and neck tumorsPhase III study on freedom from recurrence and voice function after transoral KTP laser treatment in early forms of laryngeal cancer
Applicant: PD Dr. S. Strieth
Neuro-oncologyTemporary caloric restriction in combination with radiation therapy in patients with a relapse of glioblastoma: ERGO2 study
Applicant: PD Dr. J. Rieger
Gastro-Oncological OncologyA randomized, open phase II study with transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) and periinterventional sorafenib therapy in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)
Applicant: Prof Dr. J. Trojan

The funding primarily includes personal support from the CTCN headquarters. This includes all aspects of the planning and implementation of self-initiated studies and is intended to contribute to a quick and efficient activation of the studies.

An application for funding can only be made after the CTCN head office has announced it.