Mormon missionaries go door to door

Have LDS missionaries stopped door-to-door preaching?

It is true that LDS missionaries have made a slight departure from door-to-door mission in certain geographic areas in recent years; However, the practice has not ceased entirely (except in countries where it is illegal) and, to my knowledge, there are no plans to cease it.

The shift officially began when Church leader Elder L. Tom Perry stated in a 2013 discourse:

When I was a young missionary, we could talk to street contacts and knock on doors to share the gospel. The world has changed since then. Now many people are caught up in the bustle of their lives. They hurry here and there and are often less willing to allow total strangers to enter their homes uninvited to spread a message of the restored gospel. Your main point of contact with others, including close friends, is often through the Internet. The nature of missionary work must therefore change if the Lord is to accomplish His work of gathering Israel "from the four corners of the earth". Missionaries are now authorized to use the Internet in their endeavors.

Since that announcement, the Church has slowly implemented a multi-faceted "online proselyting" program. So far this program has been limited to certain countries. It will be developed and changed as missionaries provide feedback. It does not replace previous instructions or resources. It is only intended to expand the capabilities of the missionaries. Some missionaries mainly campaign online; others do minimal online proselyting. Door-to-door proselyting is still a popular method for many missionaries. Church leaders have suggested that online proselyting could be more effective in many First World countries and have encouraged these missionaries to move in the online direction - but ultimately they leave it to the individual to decide how to proselytize Missions and Missionaries.

In conclusion, LDS door-to-door proselyting is slowly becoming rarer in some areas as missionaries begin online proselyting, but there are no plans to end it.

Lee Woofenden

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