How is abortion different from murder?

Is Abortion Murder?

The issue of abortion is perhaps one of the most explosive issues of our time. Finding an honest answer to the question, “Is abortion murder?” Takes courage among those who have had or performed abortions. The Bible clearly states that murder is wrong (Exodus 20:13). However, in some cases the Bible does not forbid killing. Soldiers representing their country were expected to kill opposing soldiers (Joshua 11:20). This is not a murder. Animals were killed for food or as an offering (Exodus 24: 5; Genesis 9: 3-4). This is not murder either.

Murder is defined as "the unlawful, willful killing of one person by another". Murder is unlawful killing - i.e. killing based on the judgment of one person against another for personal (rather than national) reasons. The Bible repeatedly condemns murder as a feature of a wicked society (Deuteronomy 5:17; Isaiah 1:21; Hosea 4:21; Matthew 5:21). In order to determine whether or not abortion is murder, we must make two considerations: first, whether or not a fetus in the uterus is truly a human being, and second, if the fetus is a child, then it is correct, abortion as murder to be designated if this is legal in most countries. If murder meant unlawful killing, then it would follow that legal killing would not be murder.

One reason that murder is illegal in most countries is that it is unethical for one person to decide the fate of another. According to the law of the Old Testament, a murderer was not killed unless there were several witnesses: "A single witness should not testify in order to put a person to death" (Numbers 35:30). In war soldiers do not choose to kill for personal reasons; they kill in the national interest - if they fight for an honorable nation, the national interest will protect innocent civilians from a threat. Abortion is different. Abortion is killing, which is based on the arbitrary judgment and decision of the expectant mother. Such unprovoked killing of a defenseless person is unethical and should define abortion as murder in any society - unless the fetus is not a human being. If the fetus is just a mass of impersonal tissue, or something less than human, then killing would not be subject to the same ethical principles and thus would not be considered murder.

So is a fetus a human? Or is it something else? Biologically, life begins at conception. When the mother's egg and father's sperm come together, they combine and create a new strand of DNA that is personalized and completely unique. DNA is encoded information, the blueprint for new human growth and development. No further genetic material needs to be added; the zygote in the womb is as human as the mother in whose womb it is. The difference between a fetus and us is age, location, and degree of dependence. When a mother stops developing a fetus, she is destroying unique life.

The Bible clearly indicates that conception is the beginning of human life. Samson said, “for I am a devotee of God from the womb” (Judges 16:17). He points to his unborn self, which was already what God had planned - a devotee of God. David said: "For you prepared my kidneys and formed me in the womb" (Psalm 139:13). And again we see how David sees himself as a person in the womb. Then he said: “Your eyes saw me, when I was not yet prepared, and all the days were written in your book, which were to be yet and none of which was there” (Psalm 139:13). David is saying here that God had planned all of his days while he was still in the womb. This also points to the personality that has existed since conception, not just at the moment of birth. As we can see that God had a similar plan for the life of the still unborn Jeremiah: “I knew you before I prepared you in the womb and set you apart before you were born of the mother, and appointed you to be a prophet for the nations . ”(Jeremiah 1: 5).

The Bible regards the fetus as an unborn child, a planned human being that God forms from the moment of conception. So it doesn't matter what human law says or how socially or politically acceptable abortion is. God's law takes precedence. A mother who chooses to abort her child makes an arbitrary decision to end another person's life - and that is and has always been the definition of murder.


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Is Abortion Murder?
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