How do engagement rings express your love?

Regardless of whether you are romantically inclined or not - the question “will you marry me?” Is certainly one of the most important questions in the lives of those who ask or are asked. The connection and the new phase of life are usually symbolized with an engagement ring. The importance of this ring is shown by a current study that was carried out by Statista on behalf of the experience provider mydays. We'll tell you what men can cost the question of all questions and what women attach great importance to when proposing marriage.

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This is how much men really spend on the engagement ring

When it comes to the engagement ring, the gentlemen of creation really dig deep into their pockets. The majority of the 499 men surveyed (34 percent) said they would spend between 101 and 500 euros on him. A full 13 percent are even willing to pay between 501 and 1,000 euros for it. Two percent of men spare no expense or effort and spend over 2,000 euros on the perfect engagement ring. Sounds promising, doesn't it? But now you have to be very strong again, ladies: Around 23 percent of men stated that they did not want to buy a ring at all. We keep our fingers crossed that your treasure does not fall under this category.

The perfect marriage proposal

The study also provides additional, exciting results for the application itself. Only two percent of women would like an application that is elaborately staged. It should rather come with all my heart (78 percent) and take place at the right moment (48 percent). The engagement is also a very intimate affair for both partners. A full 95 percent prefer it if the application is made in intimate togetherness.

By the way: When it comes to who should ask all the questions, 64 percent of women and 57 percent of men agree: the marriage proposal is a man's business!

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