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The best anime villains

ALL FOR ONE - the vengeful psychopath

Already the appearance of All for one from "My Hero Academia" is dark and terrifying at the same time: he hides his face behind a black mask that makes him look like a mixture of Bane, Predator and Darth Vader. But he also urgently needs the mask - because without it he looks even more terrifying! And like so many super villains, All For One is driven by one thing: personal revenge! After he has almost lost his life through All Might, he wants to destroy him and then bring the "One For All" under his control in order to become even stronger. He pursues a perfidious plan, because it is not enough for him to simply defeat his opponent, oh no, he plays his mind games with All Might and feeds on his torments - and thus All For One is the prime example of a vengeful psychopath.

FREEZER - the impulsive ruler of terror

Mean, mean,Freezer! A guy who wipes out an entire planet with ONE FINGER and smiles maliciously at the same time definitely belongs in the A-League of anime villains. It is ice cold in the truest sense of the word! He is not a cool head or a brilliant tactician, but rather acts impulsively. It is better not to irritate him or even make fun of him, because where there is Freezer, there is a fun-free zone! One wrong word and it's over, many characters from "Dragon Ball Super" have already felt it ... Freezer's power is always based on terrifying others, and he does it damn well. How did he get so sneaky and mean? He was practically born with evil: after all, his father is King Cold - and he was not necessarily known for his warm-heartedness.

DESLER - the narcissistic rationalist

The Gamilas love their president Desler - in contrast to the rest of the universe. After all, he considers his own people to be superior and believes he can bring peace to the universe by suppressing and enslaving all other peoples. This is of course anything but an act of charity, because Desler is not a philanthropist, but a despot: Anyone who opposes him will be destroyed, it's that simple. He always proceeds rationally in his projects and plans every step very precisely - how at a game of chess. His greatest weakness, however, is his narcissism (it is not for nothing that the strongest weapon in his empire is named after him: "Desler cannon"). He always has to win, the word "defeat" does not exist in his vocabulary. So it's no wonder that he absolutely wants to destroy the "Yamato" - no matter what the cost and be it all of his people.

NARAKU - the heartless schemer

There is probably no doubt:Naraku from the anime series "Inuyasha" is evil personified. He wants to get the "Shikon no Tama", the jewel of the four souls, into his possession in order to plunge the world into eternal darkness. In order to put his project into practice, he not only relies on magic and the support of demons, but also uses every opportunity that presents itself to manipulate others. As soon as a person is no longer useful to him, this person has practically forfeited their life. But is Naraku really that heartless? Yes he is! His first act was to tear Inuyasha and Kikyo apart. Then he wants to kill Kikyo so that his heart can no longer love. If that's not the epitome of heartless ... And who is still not convinced that he is an anime villain of the first order, or rather mercilessness: Naraku can be translated as "hell" - do we need to say more?

MADARA - the arrogant martyr

Even death cannot stop him. We are of course talking aboutMadara Uchiha from "Naruto Shippuden". At first glance, his goals sound highly praiseworthy: He drafts the "Tsuki no Me Keikaku", a plan that is supposed to bring peace to the world. But in truth Madara wants to create a utopia according to his wishes, and that he alone controls. Equipped with the most powerful Dou-Jutsu, the Rin'negan, he is willing to enforce his idea - and for that, everyone who stands in his way has to be eliminated. This was especially felt by his opponents in the fourth Shinobi World War. His weakness, however, is his arrogance: Madara considers himself invincible - after all, he has conquered death! But, as is well known, arrogance gets before the fall, even for an anime villain like Madara ...

DE FLAMINGO - the brutal puller

No one should be blinded by de Flamingo's pink plush cloak and the fact that he grins most of the time. Because no pirate from "One Piece" lets his opponents dance to his will as skillfully as marionettesDon Quixote de Flamingo - and that literally. Since he has tasted the "thread fruit", he has not used his ability to spin threads to knit warm woolen blankets for old mothers. Oh no, he craves power and wealth and any means is fine for him. With his devil fruit powers and his huge haki he does not shy away from any outrage, because his brutality knows no bounds. He prefers to see it when his opponents are on the ground, because grace is a foreign word to him. By the way: De Flamingo is also nicknamed "Charisma of Evil" - we have nothing to add to that.

ZEREF - the uncontrolled destroyer

In "Fairy Tail" some magicians have mastered the dark arts and black magic. But nobody, really nobody, is as strong and powerful asZeref. At a young age he mastered the black art and unleashed countless demons on humanity - and thus conjured up his own demons. Because actually Zeref doesn't want to be angry at all. Or rather no more. He wants to atone for his guilt, but again and again evil wins the upper hand and he destroys everything that comes too close to him because he now has so much dark power that he can no longer control it. In addition, if not himself, he wants to destroy the world because, in his opinion, only bad and bad exist. That doesn't bode well ...

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