Can you be christian and spiritual

No matter what belief one belongs to, or even if one is not religious in the classic way, there is still a spirituality inherent in almost every person: We have principles that guide us and greater power - even if it is only fate, karma , Determination or chance - which sometimes unintentionally changes our path. For everyone who would like to get a little closer to these powers, I have prepared a selection of spiritual magazines here.

The right Christian magazine for you

As a devout Christian you are guaranteed to find the right magazine in the large selection of spiritual magazines on

For example, for young readers there are the children's magazines Kläx and Benjamin, which use funny comics and games to bring the Christian faith and its values ​​closer in a child-friendly way. In adolescence and as a young adult, it is sometimes difficult to hold on to faith - God is not always cool and going to church every Sunday can be a bit of a nuisance. Faith can be very helpful, especially at this time. That's what the spiritual magazines teensmag and Dran are for. And even in the second half of life, God is always with those who believe in him: The Christian magazine LebensLauf shows you how you can live this faith.

For those who want to orient their life according to the word of God, there are some spiritual magazines that periodically give new impetus by translating the verses from the Old and New Testaments into the current time. Here are our top 5:

  1. Fascination with the Bible
  2. Life from the word
  3. Good news
  4. chrismon
  5. MAGNIFICAT - The Book of Hours

In addition to many Christian magazines that can be your guide for certain areas of life, there are also some Christian newspapers such as Our Church, the Church and the Evangelical Sunday Newspaper. I even discovered some Christian news magazines at our kiosks: Herder Korrespondenz, the Vatican Magazine and Christ in der Gegenwart. Here you will find current information about your faith but of course also news from politics, business and more, which are classified in the Christian context and its guidelines. The columns and opinions of well-known faces of the Catholic and Protestant churches are also very interesting.

On the other hand, the cultural magazine Welt und Umwelt der Bibel takes a more scientific approach. It provides information on new findings from the fields of history and archeology.

Spiritual magazines for every world religion

United Kiosk wouldn't be United Kiosk if we only had spiritual magazines for Christians. There are also suitable magazines for members of other world religions, which I would like to briefly introduce to you.

So let's talk about Tacheles - or even better read: The Jewish weekly magazine Tacheles lives up to its name and documents and comments without mincing words about current developments and backgrounds relating to the global Jewish community. The monthly newspaper Jüdische Rundschau also takes a comprehensive look at all areas of life from politics to travel. The spiritual magazine David, on the other hand, focuses on cultural topics and the consideration of the regional history of Judaism.

The English magazine Contemporary Islam spans a comprehensive arc around the different orientations of the Muslim faith and manages to take a holistic yet differentiated view of the great diversity of regional and cultural differences of the large religious community - the ideal spiritual magazine for everyone who is deeply into this fascinating religion want to get in.

Buddhists and readers interested in Buddhism will also find what they are looking for in the large selection of spiritual magazines: The US magazine tricycle and the German magazine Buddhismus aktuell provide comprehensive information and are important advice for anyone who wants to orientate themselves on the teachings of the Buddha.

Spiritual magazines - much more than just religion

You don't belong to a specific religious community, but you are still spiritual and looking for life guidelines, spiritual enlightenment or just want to consciously control your actions? Then I recommend you take a look at one of these three magazines:

  • Numerous scientists, artists and philosophers write for the spiritual magazine Tattva Viveka and thus open up a broad picture of a self-determined person integrated into cosmic contexts.
  • With evolve you can further develop your awareness: in addition to philosophical and spiritual articles, the magazine offers plenty of food for thought for a comprehensive view of current events in the global community and your own life.
  • The spiritual magazine Visionen provides solid advice and support for a sustainable life in harmony with nature and the environment. All areas of life are considered here, from health issues and nutrition to consumer issues.


I hope you find something that suits you - and if you can't decide, just give United Kiosk NEWS a try. As a subscriber to the Zeitschriften-Flat you can read over 750 different magazines; There are of course also some spiritual magazines and articles.