Which television series had the worst finale

Bad series finals - death argument or irrelevant?

A bad ending is almost a staple of any good show these days. But such an ending weighs differently for everyone.

What is the difference between series like Lost or Dexter compared to, say, Breaking Bad?

I think this question shouldn't be difficult for anyone. Apart from the fact that of course the quality of the series varies from person to person and Breaking Bad is the best series of all time anyway, which should not appear in the same sentence with the other two mentioned, the major difference for many is the finale of these series . Because where Breaking Bad manages to end its story in a way that is also worthy of the rest of the series, the other two series unfortunately fail on this point.

For many, it is a huge slap in the face when you follow a series for years, immerse yourself in this grandiose, thrilling, fictional world every day, and then end up facing a finale like Lost did at the end of the day Example has to offer. It's also not much nicer when a series like Dexter in the last few seasons continues to die down towards the end, only to ultimately disappoint in the same way.

(Note: There are of course enough other series where that is the case, but I've just limited myself to the named ones here. And yes, that's all just my opinion, if someone doesn't see it that way, he should use the name Simply swap the respective series in his head for a name of any other series of his choice that he thinks applies.)

If a series comes to an end in this way, there are, as I can now see here, different ways of reacting to it.

Some seem to feel personally attacked or otherwise humiliated by such an ending and then see the entire rest of the series as completely destroyed. Then the best thing is that they never want to hear anything from the series again, and in the end the series is just one more disaster for them and then it often only hails negative criticism. However, I have some problems with this view. An end does not mean that the previous one is lost! The time spent with the previous seasons of the series was nice nonetheless. What the series delivered was still terrific until the finale. The very existence of the finale doesn't change that. Of course, a bad finale is a bad finale, and thus a part of the series that is just not good. That doesn't make the rest of the series any worse.

But apart from this view, there is what I will call the "normal" approach because it applies to most people. For many, even the most ingenious series that ends badly has a certain, less good part that is the reason for compromises. You might weigh the good part against the bad part and try to come up with a common denominator somewhere that roughly reflects the average of the whole. This is actually the most sensible method, which then reflects the approximate impression of the entire series, in which the finale finds its way more or less, depending on how bad the finale was in your own eyes and how much space it took up in the series Has.

For me, however, the whole thing looks a little different. Of course, if one of my favorite series ends in a way that doesn't do justice to the previous one, that's a huge disappointment for me too, which I have to cope with. Nevertheless, I then remember what the series gave me in its previous course in the way of grandiose moments, how the series entertained me, took me away and just ignore the end. For example, for me Dexter only consists of the first five seasons and the ending of Lost ... doesn't exist. Because for a while these series were just two of my favorite series, and all these strong moments and the years of wonderful experience with these series are what ultimately counts for me about the series. Thus, a bad series finale or a negative trend in the last few seasons affects the overall impression of a series for me only very little or not at all.

Of course, it is up to everyone to decide for themselves how much the finale of a series counts for them, but unfortunately it is all too often forgotten how great a series might have been in its previous stage, so that this part too is often completely wrong something is degraded that it actually is not.

How heavy is the series finale for you? Does a lot depend on it, or is it basically just a barely noticeable, bad aftertaste?