Why do people read novels 1

5 excuses for those who don't read

Who still reads books today? But only students and people with too much time. Absolutely right. For people who don't think much of reading, there are five not very serious reasons for being lazy to read.

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1. Reading takes time

One of the most common "reasons" that I keep hearing.

I would like to read more, but I just don't have the time!

It's true, readcostsTime. But what windo we gain new insights, experiences and entertainment through this activity? And if you take a quiet look at your own consumption of media, you will probably ask yourself a central question: Isn't there a lot of time for it?

What you could do:You could actively and consciously spend time readingto take. Because that's the way it is with all things that are important to us - we always find a bit of time for them. Even if it's only ten minutes a day.

2. I don't get knowledge from books

The stupidest way to get smarter and smarter is to look into a book. Boring letters on paper. It is better to attend event seminars that rush through your consciousness with crisp quotes and lots of TamTam.

A book that you can refer to whenever you feel like it can't keep up. However, it could lead to your knowledge being permanently consolidated and deepened through reading.

What you could do:Education should not only be helpful in everyday life, at work, in interpersonal relationships and in every other area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. Well-reading is also pretty attractive, or in short, books are sexy. But for this effect to occur, we also have to read it!

3. Books are something from the 20th century

Another hit. The things with the blurb are absolutely out in times of the digital revolution. Even reading postings or tweets is too much for some contemporaries.

We are therefore looking forward to a future in which only video content will run on social networks. We remember: the attention span of a goldfish and such.

What you could do: Seeing new media for what they are: channels that enrich our modern life but do not replace books. And use these channels responsibly.

4. They take up so much space

Do you also know the problem that books actually take up space? An impudence. It would be clever not to buy one at all. Blu-ray cases are much narrower anyway and are easier to stack.

What you could do: Muck out trinkets in the household, i.e. clutter that is not used anyway. Did you know that the average European owns 10,000 items? For example, two of them could be bookcases. That is not so important in the balance sheet and the Blu-rays are still covered.

5. I have to think for myself

Oh yes, that's exhausting! After all, it is enough to read articles on the net. Of course, the press cannot be trusted in this regard. Instead, all sorts of conspiracy theorists whose claims are based neither on facts nor on logical arguments.

What you could do: Reading books might lead you to notice the mechanics of conspiracy theories. And you let it become a habit to question things critically but also reasonably. Uncomfortable? Certainly. But if you don't think yourself, we think for you.


Actually, it doesn't matter what the reasons are for not reading books. Because these reasons sound suspiciously like excuses. Logically, when binge-watching the latest season of something, nobody has to deal with uncomfortable questions.

We think about it for you and produce it in slices. Those who don't read should therefore take the reasons mentioned with them in their intellectual baggage and never need to touch a book with a clear conscience.