How do I log into SSH

Various programs are available for establishing a connection to the server via SSH. This entry explains the configuration of the Putty clients.

To use PuTTY, please download the programs putty.exe, pscp.exe and psftp.exe from the manufacturer's website.

First start the programputty.exe. You will now see a window with the configuration dialog where you select the menu itemsession enter the name of your server in the corresponding text field. Please also choose"SSH" as"Protocol" (the port number is then automatically set to the correct value "22"changed) from:

Below Saved Sessions you can assign a name for your configuration and save it. When you call up the program again, you call up saved settings usingLoad on.

Now switch to the menu item SSH and make sure that underPreferred SSH protocol version protocol version 2 is specified. This should be enabled by default.

Now you can already by clicking on Open establish an SSH connection to your server. When you establish a connection for the first time, you will receive a warning that the server does not yet know your client. This is perfectly normal. Confirm the message withYes.

A terminal window will now open and you will be through login as: prompted for your username. You will then be asked to enter your password.

If the authentication was successful, you are now in your home directory on the server.