When was the German Reich founded?

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Forging an Empire / German Empire

A German state

The founding of the German Empire in January 1871 is referred to as “founding an empire”. Before that, there had been no unified German state. For centuries Germany was divided into many domains. But in the 19th century the enthusiasm for a German nation-state had grown. In the revolution of 1848/49 the revolutionaries fought for a common and free German state. But only the Prussian Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck succeeded in convincing the German princes of this state. Bismarck became the first chancellor of the new empire.

National enthusiasm

The founding of the empire took place at a time of great national enthusiasm in Europe. In the first half of the 19th century, Belgium and Greece had gained their national independence. In 1861 Italy had become a nation state, and many peoples in the east of the continent also longed for independence and a state of their own.

After the founding of the empire

The first German emperor was the Prussian King Wilhelm I. The German Empire adopted a constitution with a freely elected parliament. All male citizens were eligible to vote. The individual states that united in the German Reich retained a strong position. The Reich became a democracy after the First World War with the Weimar Constitution. The history of the German Empire ended after the Second World War.

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