What is the name of a six-month anniversary

State Chancellery Minister Dr. Marcel Huber welcomes the frigate “Bavaria” after a six-month mission off the coast of Somalia: “Outstanding service of our sponsored ship / proven to be a true hero in sea rescue / preparations for the frigate's 20th anniversary are in full swing”

On today's arrival of the frigate "Bavaria" after around six months of deployment as part of the EU program ATALANTA in Wilhelmshaven, State Chancellery Minister Dr. Marcel Huber:

“We call out a warm 'Welcome home' to the commanding officer and his team from Bavaria. The soldiers again did an excellent job. I am happy for the crew and their families that they can be together again after the long separation. The deployment of the Bundeswehr worldwide for the security and protection of our homeland demands enormous renunciation and means a high burden for each individual. For this, our armed forces deserve the greatest respect and sincere thanks. We have closely followed the mission of our sponsored ship to protect against piracy. We were particularly moved by the rescue of 92 people from distress at sea. The members of the frigate have proven to be true heroes. We were also very moved by the gestures and sympathy of the frigate after the rampage in Munich and the terrorist attacks in Würzburg and Ansbach. This shows the close ties between the Free State of Bavaria and its sponsor ship. We will celebrate this bond in the autumn on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the frigate Bavaria. Preparations are in full swing."