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Melbourne Tips - All You Need To Know

The best way to explore Melbourne is to take a stroll, as there is a cool new piece of street art on every corner. When you've had enough of it, you can fortify yourself in one of the many cafes and restaurants that combine Australian culture with European charm. In a nutshell: Melbourne is pretty good to endure. So that you get an overview and can save a dollar or two, we have put together a few Melbourne tips for you.

# 1 transportation in Melbourne

In Melbourne you can find your way around quickly and it is also very easy to move from A to B. The best thing to do is get yourself oneMyky Map. With this card you can use the public transport in Melbourne. Depending on how long you stay in Melbourne, it is worth buying a weekly pass.

There is also a free tram (35 city circle), which drives through the city center. If you are lucky, there will even be a guide who will tell the passengers about Melbourne - Australia's second largest city - as they drive.

Otherwise you can just as well on foot explore the city.

# 2 Free Wifi in Melbourne

in the Federation Square there is free wifi. When it is full, the connection can get relatively poor. The connection is still best further up.

In the Victoria Library there is also a free wifi connection ... the library is really worth seeing.

# 3 restaurants in Melbourne

Melbourne leaves nothing to be desired for gourmets. Do you fancy Asian? Off to Chinatown! Do you prefer pizza? Then off to Lygoon Street, where it is difficult to choose one of the many restaurants. And in the center you can always find something for on the go somewhere if you are on the go.

Here are a few culinary tips:

The Carlton: Stylish, cool and well known. During the week you can eat cheaply here: Monday evening: Parma & Pot $ 15
Tuesday night: Steak Dinner $ 14
Thursday lunchtime: Parma & Pot $ 15
Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m., New York Cats Burger Bar, burgers from $ 12.

Lentil as anything: A restaurant in St Kilda and Abbotsford. After you eat, you just pay as much as you want.

Hungry Jacks: With the Shake & Win app from Hungry Jack you can win free food or drinks every now and then. The app is free and it only takes 2 minutes to install (but you can only use the app once a day). And if you eat there, pick up the receipt, enter the code on the website and next time you'll get a free burger. Works everywhere - including Melbourne, of course.

Movida: There are super delicious tapas here.

More info: The 15 coolest restaurants in Melbourne.

# 3 Melbourne nightlife

Bars, rooftops, clubs ... Melbourne Nightlife has a lot to offer. For girls we recommend Thursday evening Spice Market. Entry is 10 AUD. All female guests who arrive before 10 p.m. receive 5 free drinks.

Music lovers of the 80s or 90s should best be ins Perseverance. The bar is one of the best and most famous bars in Fitzroy.

If you want to enjoy the view over the city with a delicious cocktail in hand, then you should definitely do this Madame Brussels Bar visit. This rooftop bar is perfect to end the day with your friends at sunset.

# 4 culture in Melbourne

City tours

Free tours is available daily at 10.30 a.m. or 2.30 p.m. Meet in front of the library at Sir Redmond Barry's stature. The city guide wears a green t-shirt. The tour takes about 2-3 hours. You can just stop by without booking.

The visitor center offers free tours for at least 4 people at. So you can have a say in what you want to see. Just book a few days in advance. If you are unable to attend, please call to cancel.

... or you just explore the city on your own. Be on the lookout for street art, musicians, and other performers. There are really a lot of good artists out there.


The ACMI (Australian center for the moving image) is a free and worth seeing museum about the interactive, digital culture, the development of film & television etc ...

That too Ion Potter Center Museum is free. There you can find out everything about Aboriginal culture - from paintings and photographs to handicrafts ...

The National Gallery of Victoria on St. Kilda Road you can marvel at works of art from different eras. No entry is required here either.

Viral happiness is a circus that everyone can take part in: Here you can learn everything about the circus: juggling, fire shows and much more. The workshops take place in a different location every Sunday.

Visit to the prison

Old Melbourne Gaol is the oldest prison in the city. Before visiting the prison, you should go to the visitor center. Because there are vouchers with a 20% discount for admission.

# 5 shopping in Melbourne

The prices in the supermarket can be compared with those in Germany. To save money buy the best deals.

The Twilight Market in St. Kilda takes place during the summer months of December, January and February and is very popular. At the night market you will find small stalls selling jewelry, clothing, leather goods or groceries. There are also numerous artists and fire-breathers. It looks like a little relaxed hippie market. If you haven't had dinner yet, you should go to the food stalls towards the end (around 10.30 p.m.), as you get some discounts at this time.

The Queen Victoria Market is one of the largest markets south of the equator. There you will find good products at low prices. Especially towards the end you will find very cheap fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

There is a greengrocer called “Five” on Abbotsford Victoria Street in the mall Saigon Name Village (right next to Aldi). If you go there around 5 / 5.30pm, you can buy bags of fruit and vegetables for $ 1.

What else?

You have a stunning (and free) view over Melbourne in the Sofitel toilets (25 Collins Street)

Casino: When you visit the casino for the first time, you will receive $ 10 to gamble away.

Parking in Melbourne

Near the Harbor Town there is parking that is not overly expensive. Around AUD 5-7. From here the tram goes to the CBD (approx. 10 minutes)

In the Evans Street in south Melbourne there is free parking throughout the day. If you walk along the tram along the Yarra River for 15-20 minutes, you will discover many trendy bars and nice restaurants.


Melbourne is a city full of diversity. That's why there is something for everyone in Melbourne.


  • Architecture
  • The gastronomy
  • The nightlife

The weather. Many say that in Melbourne you can experience 4 seasons in one day.

Otherwise, there is nothing bad to say about Melbourne.

Thanks to Adeline Horvat and all the other backpackers who gave us input to write this article!

You live in Melbourne and have great tips that you would like to share with other backpackers. Then write to us!

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Updated on January 19th, 2020. First published on October 28, 2015.