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10 BEAUTY BLOGS ... that we love!

The launch dates for the latest trend tubes including digital painting instructions or immediate help for bad hair days are information that is more hotly traded on relevant beauty blogs than crashing stock exchange prices. If you want to be beautiful, you have to be informed. So here: Our ten favorite beauty blogs.

The V.I.P. make-up artist: lisaeldridge.com

The prejudice is obvious: Anyone who is married to the editor-in-chief of British Vogue HAS to end up in the top ten beauty blogs with their electronic beauty journal. Whether a professional make-up artist Lisa Eldrige bother such allegations? Why should they If you are regularly asked for make-up retouching by Hollywood top carats like Cameron Diaz or Liz Hurley, you have the proof: you just have what it takes. Dealing with brushes, pastes and celebrities are Lisa's hobbyhorses - and have been for decades. But is that why you withdraw or cash in? Lisa doesn't need that. No ads, no lies. Lisa knows what she is talking about and is not too fine to pass on her tips to beauty laypeople.

Videos until you drop: elleandblair.com

What would be youtube without Elle and Blair Folwer? Certainly not half as nice. The videos of the Style Sisters that focus on youtube Incidentally, they are called "AllThatGlitters21" and "JuicyStar07" and are as sweet as the punk pink rooms in which they are shooting. Incidentally, the fact that the ladies are not specialists does not detract from their professionalism. All filmed or blogged posts are precise, insightful and full of real-world insights. And the beauty sisters also have a sense of humor, as their most successful video "My Boyfriend does My Makeup" proves in moving images.

Swiss beauty genes: temptalia.com

She lives in sunny California, has that Vietnamese dream complexion and, thanks to her grandparents, also has a small amount of Swiss genetic material. Presumably has Christine Mielke hence this unmistakable sense of perfection. Above all, the pictures of her beauty blog convince international followers: colors are realistic, nuances perfectly separated and the statements of the mid-twenties are professional. So it is only logical that they shower the relevant beauty brands with test products. Because what the pretty blogger ennobles in her beauty editorials quickly becomes an international cult factor. The nice thing about it: Christines is often the first to see trends in front of her lens, but still doesn't mince her words. Honesty belongs to temptalia.com to the blog chain.

Make up: karlasugar.net

You don't have to be a model or a makeup artist to get onto the top ten of our beauty blogs. On the contrary: blogging is not about training, but above all about sincerity. And how far you can put your heart and soul into it, shows the beauty blog of KarlaSugar. The journalist actually only wanted to test an Armani lipstick for a friend four years ago, today she is testing it for millions of beauty blog users. Worldwide and now even full-time. What got you so far? Accuracy, detailed descriptions and honest assessments. And maybe also the fact that KarlaSugar is not a specialist, but acts and looks as natural as you and me. You can rely on KarlaSugar: What she recommends endures in everyday life.

Nice things to smile about: amodelrecommends.com

She is a model and loves makeup. She does not claim that this is why she is an unswerving beauty specialist. Your internet fan base doesn't even ask for this. Because that's what makes this beauty blog so special. Ruth Crilly takes everything that is new under the microscope, but neither itself nor the world too seriously. Every now and then Ruth also chats about the bag of tricks and the everyday working life of a model and reveals that neither is often as spectacular as one imagines. A beauty blog that shows a lot and is even more fun. Because the blonde beauty with the tooth gap is crazy and absolutely personable.

Incorruptible beauty blog: lipglosskisses.blogspot.ch

Chicara Pretoria is 28 years old, lives in South Africa, but blogs under a Swiss account. Your beauty blog is colorful, but clear and tidy. The contributions are detailed and well photographed. Chicaras loves and lives the personality of their blog. Every Friday she presents her “5 Favorites Friday”. This not only includes beauty tips, but also always a portion of lifestyle and joie de vivre. One thing is particularly important to the pretty beauty blogger: The fact that she only tests products that she has purchased herself! Because Chicara likes to cream and anoint itself, but it cannot be smeared. So much honesty is convincing.

Two sisters, double knowledge: www.pixiwoo.com

The beauty blog sisters Nici and Samantha (called “the Chapman Sis” among insiders) belong to the international beauty nobility. For over 15 years they have been doing make-up at international shows and have been advising beauty companies with their expertise, while remaining pleasantly on the carpet. Despite the cosmetic career highs, the brush professionals have not forgotten the everyday problems of beauty beginners. Concrete solutions are served bite-sized via video tutorials and blog posts. But even advanced beauties don't have to be bored: Because the women understand their craft, you can always pick up on new specialist knowledge and the latest trends at Nici and Sam. A successful and absolutely sympathetic sister's highlight, which incidentally does not lose credibility because the Champan-Sis have now brought their own brush collection onto the market. After all, that's your job!

Makeup manpower: gossmakeupartist.blogspot.com

Makeup isn't just for girls. There is also a man in our top ten best beauty blogs. GossMakeupArtist By the way, his real name is Wayne Goss and is a real Brit with a blond head, a wonderful bizarre way of blogging and unspeakable know-how. His beauty blog builds on the experience of his many years of make-up artist career and a large portion of honesty. Even the most powerful makeup brands are not safe from publicly blogged embarrassment at GossMakeupArtsit. It's funny but not ridiculous when Goss lends a hand with himself. Because the Briton is not afraid to test the latest make-up nuances on his men's skin. There is only one catch: the pretty blonde likes men.

The beauty blog from next door: jabelchen.de

She is studying to be a teacher, loves her cat and has been her boyfriend for twelve years. But she also does one thing with a lot of love and dedication: blogging! Mainly about beauty topics, but also about fashion and lifestyle. The German beauty blog still has a lot of privacy. Personal opinions and recommendations are just as important here as a scrutinizing look at your wallet. Only products that are affordable are presented. Between the increasingly commercial blogomania, the hobby blogger's pleasantly amateurish pictures do well in a refreshing way. The best thing about it: You can see the passion that is behind it in every picture. The dazzling beauty world can be so down-to-earth and personal.

Top Swiss address: Mygloss.ch

When an internationally active hair and makeup artist and a professional PR editor team up, something has to come out with hand and foot, but also with a lot of heart. Mygloss.ch by Najat Zinbi and Corinne Dubacher is one of the most successful and comprehensive beauty blogs in Switzerland. Despite the advanced prominence and professionalism of the beauty blog, it does not dispense with authentic contributions from independent bloggers and test persons. By the way: men also get their money's worth every now and then. Overall, the blog offers an extremely balanced mix of all facets of everyday beauty.

Your favorite beauty blog was not there? Then bring it on! Leave us your favorites as a comment. The forgotten beauty blog pearls are then gladly added later.

Images: Screenshot Lisa Eldredge, Polka Dot

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