How do I learn full stack development

What does a full stack developer do?

Generalist among programmers

The full stack developer or developer is a profession that is very present in IT. Basically he is a programming all-rounder who programs himself as well as acts as a manager or interface between the programmers. In this post you will find out everything about his area of ​​responsibility, skills, career and expected salary.

The tasks of a full stack developer

A Full Stack Developer, also called Full Stack Developer, develops both software and Web applications or pages in different dimensions and often takes on an overarching management role.

The tasks vary depending on the job offer, but can be summarized in a few key points. Most of the time he works with other specialized programmers. For example, he looks over the shoulder of other developers. He also finds and fixes bugs and can be responsible for the security of the program.

In addition to his programming skills, he can Design and conceptualize programs and pass this knowledge on. Overall, however, he does not specialize in any particular programming languages ​​and therefore mostly works on smaller projects. It is important to understand: The full stack developer cannot do everything as well as other developers, but is simply the generalist among programmers.

The skills and abilities that a full stack developer needs

A full stack developer should have a logical understanding of programming languages ​​and how computers in general work. Mathematical knowledge is helpful and mostly expected. Proficiency in more than one programming language is also a must. Mostly, an understanding of software and web development is desired.

A full stack developer must be familiar with both front-end and back-end development. Concretely, the use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, Ruby or Python is usually required for web development. When developing desktop software, the most popular programming languages ​​are C, C ++ and Java.

In addition to these purely technical requirements, a full stack developer should be able to assume responsibility and manage a project. Adequate social skills are also required for this. Since the IT industry is constantly evolving, you should also be ready to learn new things and develop yourself further.

Education: How to become a full stack developer

While a degree in areas such as computer science is by no means compulsory for the job, a degree is a good source of knowledge for developers. Internships or projects can also provide work experience.

Even so, it is often the case that companies are results-oriented and only pay attention to their skills when hiring new employees. Above all, it is important that you can present your own skills in the form of projects or something similar.

The job opportunities

Full stack developers can work in and for numerous companies or organizations. Almost all companies have an IT department in some form in which full stack developers are welcome. In addition, full stack developers can work in software companies that specialize in programming and developing programs. Here, too, the spectrum ranges from developing mobile games to programming desktop applications.

The salary as a full stack developer

The starting salary of a full stack developer is around 55,000 EUR in the year. With increasing time and experience, you can earn up to EUR 120,000. the Average salary is around 70,000 EUR. The hourly rate for full stack developers varies between EUR 70 and EUR 90, whereas the daily rate (for 8 hours of work) can be between EUR 560 and EUR 720.