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The Everyday Cognac: Hennessy Very Special (VS) in the test

Hennessy is one of the most important cognac houses in France and is known for its fine brandies. The Hennessy Very Special (V.S.) is the youngest of the various cognac ages. The Hennessy VS is the easy entry into the world of cognac. But is it also worth buying? We tried it.

Cognac layers used in the Hennessy Very Special

It's no secret that cognac can only be produced in the region around the small town of Cognac in France. In order to distinguish the qualities of the grapes used, the region has been divided into six different layers. We present these in our cognac guide.

Grande Fine Champagne is considered the best location and Bons Bois the easiest location. For the production of Hennessy VS, brandies from wines from the four best locations are used. these are Grande Fine Champagne, Fine Champagne, Petite Champagne and Borderies. Unfortunately, it is not known to what extent wines from which location are included in the Hennessy Very Special. And of course a vineyard is not a guarantee for an excellent cognac - because it depends on the storage in wooden barrels and the composition of the brandy.

How old are the cognacs in the Hennessy V.S.?

According to the regulations for cognac, VS cognacs must be stored in oak barrels for at least 2 years. Beyond this minimum age of the cognac, the Hennessy Very Special also contains brandies that have been matured in oak for up to 8 years. Since this Hennessy cognac is a cognac for beginners, it can be assumed that a larger part of the brandy it contains is rather young. But how is this noticeable in tasting and can the cognac convince in smell and taste?

Our tasting of the Hennessy Very Special

How does it smell

On the nose, the Hennessy Very Special first presents us with typical cognac aromas. We smell raisins, prunes and vanilla as well as apple and pear peels. The fruity notes are rounded off by a fine, lemony acidity. In addition, the scent reminds us of freshly felled wood and contains grassy notes. Overall, the Hennessy VS makes a mild and soft impression.

How does it taste

The fruity and sweet notes of this VS cognac stand out even more clearly in the taste. We taste sweet raisins and enjoy light vanilla notes. But the oak is also well integrated with resinous and slightly bitter notes of light wood at the back. The young age of the cognac is noticeable in the low level of complexity, after the sweet prelude little happens in the middle section before the wood makes its appearance in the finish. The Hennessy Very Special is mild and very accessible without alcoholic spiciness.

In the tasting, the Hennessy Very Special is elegant, mild and soft. The sweet and fruity notes of the cognac are skillfully absorbed by the oak wood in the finish. Little happens in between, the Hennessy VS is not particularly complex. Worth a look as a cognac for beginners or for easy-sipping. The around 30 euros for the bottle are set at the top compared to VS cognacs from other brands.

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