Wano Arc is the end for Kaido

One Piece: Preparing to end the anime series

The cult anime series One Piece recently turned 20 years old. On their travels, Luffy and his friends have ended up in many different places. The group has now landed on Wano Kuni. The final phase for the pirate gang should also begin there soon. As it has now become known, the ending should be even more emotional than the most tragic death of the whole series.

That year, the Wano Kuni arc began in One Piece. Luffy and his crew have to compete against Kaido, one of the four emperors. The new storyline, which also came with a brand new intro, is said to be of great importance for the final phase of the long-running anime. You want to lead into the extremely emotional endgame of the pirate epic.

Just recently there was an interview with two very special guests in Suadi Arabia: Shinji Shimizu from Toei Animation and Yoshihisa Heishi from Shueisha Publishing. The two have been working with One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda for a long time. Now they have announced their personal insight into the future of the cult series. The interview was translated by Twitter user Sandman, who was always considered to be very reliable in such matters.

Shimizu revealed that in the current Wano Kuni-Arc Luffy and his friends will fight against Kaido and Big Mom, two members of the Four Emperors. He also reported that Oda told him a long time ago that the end of One Piece would be "in sight" after the Wano Kuni arc. Shimizu told the fans in attendance that he already knew the end of One Piece. However, he does not want to reveal anything, otherwise Oda would be angry with him. But Shimizu said that Oda had told him that the end of One Piece would be even more emotional than the death of Luffy's brother Ace, which was devastating for many fans at the time.

Shimizu did not reveal how long the current storyline will run. However, since Oda plans to end One Piece within the next five years, Luffy and his friends are unlikely to stay in Wano Kuni for long before the final part of their journey begins. What do you expect from the great One Piece finale?

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