Why is a Debit Certificate required

The INB® system panel is ideal for use in animal husbandry.
Due to the structure on the natural ground, it ensures a mobile and mud-free
Solution all year round.
Suitable for all types of cloven-hoofed animals, ungulates, poultry, dogs & cats, and much more.

Innovative, sustainable, Bconsolidating - the INB® paddock system

Due to the high quality and longevity, the INB® system covers a wide variety
Areas of application from:

■ Paddock plate ■ Riding arena underground

■ Path reinforcement ■ Courtyard reinforcements

■ Pavement reinforcement ■ Storage areas

Technical data of the INB® paddock & riding arena plate:

  • per plate 50 cm x 50 cm x 5.3 cm *** / ****
  • 4 plates = 1 m²
  • Dead weight 27.5 kg / m²
  • Loadable up to 60 tons / m²
  • Filling quantity approx. 1 ton per pallet (35m²) *
  • Water storage = up to 3 liters per square meter (open side) **
  • Filling material = natural soil, sand, round gravel, chippings, wood chips
  • Raw material = 100% recycled plastic (from the dual system Germany)
  • high slip resistance thanks to the large surface and double nubs
  • 100% environmentally friendly (blue angel)
  • 20 year guarantee

* if the surface is as flat as possible
** depending on the filling material and compaction
*** We reserve the right to deviations in dimensions (up to - / + 3%) and color.
**** After installation, temperature-dependent length fluctuations (up to - / + 1.5%) can occur which are constructive
are to be taken into account.

To protect nature, we only use recycled plastics, which are a
Subject to permanent quality control and 100% from the dual system
Germany's coming.

This enables us to offer you the following certifications:

  • Environmental certificate
  • Fire behavior certificate
  • blue Angel
  • Thermal expansion report
  • Clearance certificate
  • Content checking
  • Debit certificate
  • and much more!

100% recycled plastic

  • Provides year-round stability for animals and vehicles.
  • Low maintenance and cost-effective over the entire service life of the product.
  • The connection design allows for easy and quick installation.
  • Non-slip surface with the ideal opening size for hoofed and cloven-hoofed animals
  • Easy installation - no substructure required
  • Excellent water drainage through the surface
  • Durable, rot-proof and weather-resistant
  • Suitable for many agricultural purposes
  • Minimal preparation of the substrate required
  • Easily expanded or removed at any time
  • Frost and UV resistant