Why majority terrorists are Muslim

Islamist attacks"Terrorism has benefited enormously from the pandemic"

Mouhanad Khorchide, an Islamic scholar from Münster, observes a change in strategy in Islamist circles: "Three things have changed in the strategy. First: You recognize basic democratic principles outwardly, you recognize governments, outwardly, not inwardly. Pragmatic, in order to achieve your goal Second: You renounce the rhetoric of violence. And third: Hardly any Muslim Brother in Europe will say: Hello, I am a Muslim Brother. "

Temporary waiver

Khorchide has recently also been the scientific director of the Documentation Center for Political Islam in Austria. As early as the 1980s and 90s, the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt increasingly immigrated to Europe. Their goal is the Islamization of society. This can currently be read, for example, on the homepages of mosque communities that are close to the idea of ​​Islamization. For example, when it comes to corporal punishment in the Koran, such as chopping off hands or beheading.

"Then they do not write that these do not apply or that they are to be located in the historical context of the 7th century. Instead, they say: If we are a minority in a society, then we follow the laws of the state. Only an Islamic state is allowed these corporal punishments put into practice. That means: They are temporarily put aside until you have a majority, until you have changed society so far. "

(imago stock & people / argum / Falk Heller) Criminal offense political Islam - "This term is completely vague"
Austria's Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wants to introduce a "Political Islam" criminal offense. The lawyer and Islamic scholar Mathias Rohe does not consider this to be expedient.

Until then, circles close to the Muslim Brotherhood will pursue a strategy of apparent adjustment. This should appeal to young Muslims in particular: "Europe is the enemy. Integrate yourself, in the education system, in the labor market. But not when it comes to integration in the sense of identity. So that the system is infiltrated from within."

Habitat online

This is also observed by the lawyer Seyran Ateş, co-founder of the liberal Ibn Rushd Goethe mosque in Berlin. The lockdown is a kind of catalyst for the advertising activities of the radicals. Now in the corona pandemic, the Internet is becoming the determining living space, especially for young people. And that is skillfully exploited by Islamists:

"Another factor is the political marginalization of young people. That young people feel neglected and also deceived by political leaders. Especially now in this isolated time, online pictures, Instagram pictures and chat rooms and religious TV channels from various Islamic countries are closed have become important components in this modern radicalization process. "

Seyran Ates, founder of the Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque in Berlin (dpa-Bildfunk / Bernd von Jutrczenka)

The contact restrictions in the pandemic made it easy for Internet propagandists to gain more influence. In addition, the pandemic itself is cannibalized ideologically. Because the coronavirus was caused by "the decadence of the West. The COVID-19 pandemic is a punishment from God for the fact that the West is so decadent. One of our imams heard from students in a school that the pandemic was a punishment because China behaved so badly to the Uyghurs, "says Seyran Ateş.

(picture alliance / APA / picturedesk.com / Barabara Gindl) How German Muslims react to Islamist terror
After the recent attacks, all Muslim associations in Germany spoke out. Many Muslims disagree about what the reaction to terrorism should be.

Missing sanctuaries

Susanne Schröter, head of the Frankfurt Research Center Global Islam, observes that more pressure is being exerted in the pandemic, especially in traditional families:

"In Hessen in the Ministry of Justice I lead a working group on vigor. It is very clear: The protective facilities can no longer accommodate so many people. The youth centers are either closed or limited with regard to the participants. That is, women, girls and young people Thrown back on their families and the places of refuge they had are now mostly taken from them. "

In addition, the public muezzin call was allowed in more than one hundred communities during the pandemic. Some Muslims celebrate this as a victory and the beginning of the Islamization of Germany.

The ethnologist Susanne Schröter (picture alliance / dpa / Boris Roessler)

Susanne Schröter fears that Islamist circles will gain the upper hand more quickly. In addition, the pandemic dominates the public perception. Islamist terror is no longer a hot topic. Saïda Keller-Messhali from Zurich is President of the "Forum for a Progressive Islam":

"I have the feeling that terrorism has benefited enormously from the pandemic, because our attention is devoted entirely to COVID or Corona. Not a day goes by when not all newspapers, all broadcasters everywhere only talk about the pandemic. That the European one The public thinks they are in a false sense of security and thinks ISIS has disappeared. "

On the contrary, a resurgence of the Islamic State of IS can be observed in Iraq and Syria. In Germany, as in all of Europe, one therefore has to be more vigilant. There is a creeping process of infiltration that is exacerbated by COVID-19. In France, radicalization has already had considerable consequences, warns Susanne Schröter.

"That teachers are not accepted. That certain subject matter can no longer be taught. The Shoah, the Middle East conflict, the theory of evolution. 150 municipalities are largely in the hands of Islamists. Normal school lessons are no longer taking place there. Women are no longer up the street. You live according to Sharia law. "