What are some strange facts about Kerala

A few facts about Kerala in India

A few facts about Kerala in India

Kerala is a very interesting state in the south of India. Kerala has the highest literacy rate in all of India. Nowadays the school enrollment rate for children is already 100 percent, which is not a matter of course in this large country.

Here are a few interesting facts about this state.

1) Tourisumus location

In India, Kerala is known as a vacation spot. Everyone raves about its green appearance and unspoiled nature.

The reason for this is certainly also that the people in Kerala are still skeptical about industrialization (that is, factories with a high environmental impact).

One of the most famous cases is the Coca Cola factory, which was closed due to protests a few years ago. The factory was suspected of pumping out groundwater. As a result, the surrounding areas were negatively affected, so that it is always difficult for them to get a lot of water. Just like the Coca Cola factory, most of the other factories that were too damaging to the environment were closed. The people of Kerala tend to pay less attention to job losses; a functioning environment is much more important to them.

2) Few jobs and many emigrants

Because of the banning of polluting factories, Kerala has a very beautiful nature, but unfortunately there is also a lack of important jobs in which the Malayalees (as the inhabitants of Kerala are called) could find employment.

It is therefore almost a tradition in Kerala to look for work in other regions of India and around the world.

They are also known in Germany, the Malayalees. Many know the stories of the nurses who came from Kerala in the 1980s to alleviate the shortage of skilled workers in this area.

Also in the United Arab Emirates, to which Dubai belongs, is a popular destination for workers from Kerala. Nowadays there are the notorious day laborers from Kerala in India who work under very bad conditions, but on the other hand also billionaires who work directly with the sheikhs and provide good jobs.

3) High level of education

Since there are no factories in Kerala and there are few other job opportunities, one area has developed very strongly and that is the school system and the education industry.

Since the only good that exists in Kerala is education (also to get jobs abroad), more and more schools, universities, colleges and engineering colleges have emerged for decades.

There is a very high surplus of engineers and other university graduates.

4) A rapidly developing IT industry

Many Malaysian people with a university degree no longer want to work abroad, also because the opportunities at home are getting better and better. On the other hand, there have been no job opportunities for a long time.

However, some resourceful entrepreneurs have recognized this and started offering IT services from Kerala. For them, it was and is easy to find suitable IT personnel, also because the engineers find it difficult to get jobs and can only find jobs outside of Kerala or India.

So there is a very good situation for IT companies that work from Kerala. On the one hand there is a beautiful, uncontaminated nature and on the other hand there is enough well trained and experienced IT staff.

5) Relatively low labor costs

Due to the low level of industrialization, prices have not increased as in other states in India. As a result, the salary expectations are also rather low, compared to the expertise you get.

In Bangalore, Delhi, Madras, Hyderabad or the other megacities, labor costs have risen dramatically, which is also due to the high cost of living in these cities. At the same time, the rental costs there are extremely high and office rental prices are similar in Germany.

6) Friendly and open company

Although, or precisely because 🙂, there is a very different population in Kerala (around 50 percent Hindus, 30 percent Muslims, 20 percent Christians), social peace is very high.

There are Hindu holidays (Onam, Vishu), Muslim holidays (Id-ul-Fitr, Id-ul-Zuha) and Christian holidays (Good Friday, Christmas).

It is incredible how much joy people live together here, even though they seem so different.

7) You are not perceived as a foreigner

Kerala has a long tradition of welcoming people from other countries. Be it the Chinese, Arabs, Jews or Europeans. They were all received and many of them stayed.

Therefore "strangers" are not addressed about their strangeness. This is also due to the fact that this is more of a taboo topic. Even at school you learn to live with a wide variety of religious groups. Therefore everyone in Kerala knows that one should not address differences and try to find common ground. Alternatively, points are also sought in which one can praise the other person.


Kerala is a special federal state in India. Its untouched nature, the friendly and well-educated population, the focus on IT-based technologies, all of this makes Kerala a very interesting place for investments and is suitable as a business location.

What is your experience with Kerala?

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at YUHIRO and helps entrepreneurs and companies to easily set up programming teams in India. YUHIRO is a German-Indian company which provides IT companies, agencies and IT departments with software developers.

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