How can you stretch your boot perfectly?

What to do if it presses? Widen your shoes!

Who of us doesn't know that? The new shoes look great, but they pinch, your feet hurt and maybe they have already formed nasty pressure points. These are clear signs that your shoes are just too tight. Often the shoes end up in the farthest corner of the shoe cabinet and starve there until you either find your way into the used clothes container in one of the next clean-up operations or are moved from the left to the right rear corner. It doesn't necessarily have to be. You can widen the shoes and stretch them in the appropriate places so that they can still be worn by you. We will explain to you which means you can best stretch your shoes.

Which shoes can you widen?

Not every shoe can be stretched and widened. Imitation leather shoes and textile shoes in particular are extremely bulky when it comes to this topic. Most of them cannot be changed in their shape at all, others in turn react completely unpredictably in their shape change with various household remedies. You can only change and influence the shape of leather shoes. But even with leather shoes, it doesn't necessarily have to work to the extent that you may need it. The elasticity of your shoes is determined by the design and the leather itself. Robust leather shoes with a thick leather will stretch more than delicate little women's shoes with only a very small amount of leather.

The quick help with stretching your shoes - stretch spray

Do you have shoes that are just a little squeeze and maybe just a tiny bit too small? Then we recommend that you use the stretch spray first of all. Stretching sprays have the advantage that they can be used on all shoe shapes. It doesn't matter whether a pair of pumps or a new business shoe for men made of smooth leather presses and causes pain for the foot. You simply spray the special stretch spray on the areas that are to be widened. Then put the shoes on immediately and keep them on until the spray is completely absorbed and dried. In contrast to pure water, the sprays contain active ingredients that affect the leather make it softer and more supple and thus optimally prepare for stretching. The sprays don't damage the leather either. Nevertheless, you should test your shoe for compatibility with the spray in an inconspicuous place. Better safe than sorry!

Expand shoes with the shoe tree

The stretch spray only helps with very soft, not too thick leather and only for minor corrections to the width and shape of a shoe. So if you need a slightly larger widening or deformation, a shoe stretcher or screw-in shoe tree will help you. Such a stretcher to widen shoes consists of a front wood and a heel block, which are attached to a threaded rod. They are manually adjustable and adjustable both in length and width. Adjust the construction in the shoe to the desired width and leave the shoe stretcher in the shoe at least overnight. The next day the shoes should at least fit better. If necessary, just repeat the process. When adjusting, always pay attention to the seams and the behavior of the leather so that you do not overuse it. The stretching and widening of a shoe should always be done in small steps. So better one or two more runs, but still a beautiful shoe with perfect leather!

With a shoe stretcher, you can stretch shoes up to half a size. To support the process, please use the stretch spray mentioned above. There are also small plastic attachments that can stretch special areas such as the toes. They are usually included in the accessories when buying a shoe stretcher. Because the threaded rod extends beyond the heel, this method of widening shoes will not work on boots and high-legged shoes. dont use Commercial normal shoe trees for widening the shoes. That will not be crowned with success. The shoe trees are equipped with a spring and do not build up enough tension. Shoe trees are still ideal for leather shoes in order to keep their beautiful shape permanently and to protect them from excessive creases.

Open your shoes - the shoemaker knows exactly what to do

So you can stretch your shoes a little with a stretch spray and / or the shoe stretcher and adjust the shape with the help of small plastic attachments. Working with a shoe stretcher in particular requires a lot of tact and patience. If you want to widen too quickly and subject the leather to far too much pressure, there is no turning back. The shoes are either too dilated or the leather is damaged or the seam is torn. In addition, you can only widen loafers. If all of this is too tricky and time-consuming for you, or if your shoes are too high for a screw-on shoe tree, then take your shoes to a professional. The shoemaker or shoemaker has to deal with shoes and their production learned. They know how to pat a leather soft and have machines that can bring your shoes into a perfect fit. Don't be afraid of the expense. Expensive and sensitive shoes in particular are much better off in the hands of a professional.

Stretching shoes with home remedies

There are an incredible number of tips circulating on how to easily stretch and widen shoes that are too tight and not well-fitting with home remedies. Put wet newspaper, freezer bags filled with water in your shoes and put them in the freezer, touch your shoes with a hot hair dryer or maltreat your shoes with vinegar and alcohol - we would like to advise you not to use any of these remedies. Each of the home remedies resort to water, extreme cold, or extreme heat. Don't do that to your new expensive shoes! The extremes can damage the leather and make your shoe unsightly. In addition, the methods never work with a shape that corresponds to that of feet, as with a shoe tree, for example. It is best to use the methods described above to give a poorly fitting shoe a shape and width that is comfortable for your feet. Your shoes and your feet will thank you.

Take precautions - tips for buying shoes

In the end, we would like to give you a few tips on the way so that in the future you may no longer have to think about how to widen your too tight shoes, but instead can walk comfortably through everyday life with them.

  • Buy shoes in the evening! During the day, our feet enlarge a little. So if you buy shoes in the morning that fit perfectly, you may be way too tight and small in the evening.
  • Have your feet measured!I've always been a size 37. Did we catch you? Have your feet measured regularly because they will change over time. It is also important to have both feet measured. For some people, they differ by up to one shoe size.
  • Be sure to try it on! Always try on shoes. Shoes can always turn out differently. Not only the length, i.e. the shoe size, is important, but also the shape of the shoe. This means that you can quickly consider a size larger or smaller for a special shoe.
  • Ask about special sizes! Ask about sizes in between (half sizes) and special widths. In many shoe stores, the special sizes are sold, but are not on display.
  • Be flexible! If possible, buy shoes made of flexible material (leather) that adapt well to your foot. In the case of shoes made of synthetic material, you should pay more attention to the perfect fit when trying on them.