What happens to unsuccessful kpop idols

Horror House (with Kpop Idols)

HistoryFear, Horror / P16 / Gen
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A sharp pain in the back of my head made me wake up. I gave a startled gasp as if I had been holding my breath and then blinked into the deep darkness. My head was buzzing and I couldn't concentrate. Liquid pain flowed through the back of my brain and I squinted, tried to calm down, and then opened my eyes again.

That was also the moment when the situation hit my brain like a bomb.
What happened?
Where was I?

My heart pounded incessantly against my chest and I tried hard to see something in the blackness, but to no avail. I couldn't even see my own hand in front of my eyes.
Maybe today was my birthday and Changbin and Jisung had some fun?

But I quickly dismissed the thought when the spot on my head began to throb again. I tried to think rationally, but slowly panic rose in me. It was a horrible feeling, it took my breath away and made me tremble. Then the only logical thought occurred to me, but it was almost so intense that I almost passed out.
I was kidnapped.

More fear and panic ran through me. I clutched my trembling hands on the wooden chair I was sitting in, my breathing quickening and I was afraid to hyperventilate. Tears came to my eyes and I tried to control my breathing.

Breathe in deeply and then out again.
Breathe in deeply and then out again.
Breathe in deeply and then out again.

Like a mantra, I repeated the sentences in my head. I had to calm down, maybe it was all just a joke and someone turned on the light and shouted: "Surprise."

But nothing came and deep down in my subconscious I knew that nothing would come either. I knew this was no fun. Somehow you knew that when you were actually in a situation like that, somehow you knew it.

"What the...? What's this here? Damn Taehyung, that's not funny! ", Suddenly shouted a familiar voice. I opened my watery eyes in shock.
"Ma-Matthew?" I swallowed hard.
"Are you bi-busting that?"
"What the...? Chris? Christopher? Bang Chan? ", The American from the Kpop group Kard called questioningly. I nodded, crying, but then realized that he couldn't see me.
"Yes," my voice sounded brittle, I was still shaking, as if I were sitting here in shorts and a shirt at minus forty degrees. But it was fear that ran down my spine at regular intervals.

“What the hell is this doing here? Where are we? "He asked me confused. I didn't cry often, but the situation came so suddenly and unexpectedly, it was a kick in the face, I couldn't help but cry.
"I don't know," I wiped my tears away and finally noticed that I wasn't tied up. "I- I think we were kidnapped," I admitted my concerns, but the American laughed at that.
"What a crap. I think only one person had a joke here, "he laughed again, but didn't sound too convinced himself.

"Aah, what's that supposed to mean?" Cried a pain-contorted voice that I knew all too well. My tremors got stronger again and I clawed my fingers into my thighs with full force.
"Bambam?", Matthew called out in surprise, but before my best friend could answer, someone clicked the light switch and the room became dazzlingly bright.

I had to squint my eyes as the light almost blinded me. When I opened it again, my jaw dropped in shock. I counted; Nineteen other Kpop idols sat in a circle on chairs. Some were still unconscious, others had now also woken up and looked around fearfully.
Weapons lay in the middle of our circle of chairs. Lots of weapons. -Swords, knives, pistols and arrows and bows.- Next to them were backpacks that looked packed.

My eyes darted around the room and I got goose bumps. We were in a scary looking living room. A small couch was pushed to the edge, next to it was an ancient television. The carpet looked like it was from the last century and there were some portraits on the walls of some emperors and kings I didn't know. To my right was a fireplace with crossed swords hanging over it, and a severed stuffed deer head hanging over the door.

"What is this here?" Suddenly asked the person who was sitting next to me. Yeri from Red Velvet looked at me confused, but also scared. A small graze ran across her cheek on the right, which apparently didn't hurt because she didn't noticed or noticed.
I shrugged awkwardly. I didn't know either and didn't want to scare her with my guesses.

The others slowly woke up too. It started to get louder and I wanted to cover my ears. I've never been so overwhelmed in my life. I didn't know what to do or say or do. I could not.

"HEY!", Matthew suddenly shouted, when the last one had woken up and there was a great commotion, everyone was talking, some were crying and nobody knew what was going on. It was pure chaos.
Immediately it went quiet and everyone looked at him.
The brown-haired sighed and made eye contact with me, but I didn't know what to do, so I just nodded to him briefly. Matthew seemed determined and I envied him for not looking scared at all. He seemed so cool and easy going and actually I was the leader.


I quickly let my gaze wander to each and every person. They all looked familiar to me, some I was friends with, others I saw more often, but of still others I only knew the name. But none of my protégés was here. This made me breathe a sigh of relief. It wasn't any better, but Stray Kids were my family. I hope they were fine.

"Any of you know what's going on here?" I swallowed hard, Matt's face was so serious it gave me goose bumps. My heart was pounding like I was running a marathon and I felt my sweat from the My forehead was running, my fingers were clammy and I wiped them on my pants, which had holes they hadn't had before this.

"What happened anyway?", Sunmi still looked very confused.
"Wu-were we kidnapped?" It came from another corner and my heart broke when I saw Beomgyu's frightened face.
"Probably, kid," sighed Matt and suddenly seemed exhausted, his eyes searching mine, "I thought it was a joke at first, but I assume it isn't. It's more serious. We got kidnapped. The last thing I remember is sleeping in my bed in my apartment. " I couldn't keep eye contact. I was supposed to help him, but I didn't dare.

"Where-what are the weapons for?", Dahyun stuttered and I saw how she was holding Bambam's hand cramped, who looked so pale as if he was going to tip over at any moment. Now everyone looked at the weapons and backpacks. Suddenly Soyeon caught Gi -dle to sob, probably the only logical human reaction in a situation like this, it did what we all wanted and should do when you were kidnapped, but apparently we were all in shock.

"I don't understand how- how in the world could anyone kidnap us all and lock us up here?" Mino looked as if life had flowed out of him. As if in a trance he looked at the knives.
"Have you already tried to open the door?" Jin asked, but everyone just shook their head. Instead of one getting up, we just looked anxiously at the door.
"It must be locked," said Solar, but preferred to hold Soyeon's hand instead of getting up.

"Then I'll stop," Matthew said suddenly, and I looked at him guiltily. I was supposed to help him, but I was sitting there firmly. Yeri was still holding my hand, but I wasn't strong enough to squeeze it. Mine Fear paralyzed me. Why was I so cowardly? I had to protect her. I had to protect Bambam, he was my best friend.

"Wait, I'll help you", Youngjae from BAP jumped up and walked slowly with him to the door.
"Wait," Chungha picked up a knife from the floor and followed the two of them. I shivered, just like her, but at least she did something. Together the three of them went to the large double door, the rest of us held our breath turned, then the door swung open and Chungha held the knife in front of him - ready to stab.

But it was just a yawning emptiness when the door swung open. An empty hallway emerged that looked no less creepy, but it was empty and cold air flew into the room from here.
"Nothing," swallowed Jennie, who had now got up and was looking curiously into the hallway. "Nothing at all," Youngjae repeated her words. Because apart from a staircase, two to three cupboards and various vases, there was nothing in the hallway or in the hall, because the hallway was gigantic to be called a "hallway".

"Is there the front door somewhere?" Jin asked now and all four turned around and nodded.
"Wait!", Mingyu from Seventeen suddenly said and jumped up, because Bambam had held his hand and Dahyun's Bambam had to get up with him, for better or worse.
“I'll do it, you've put yourselves in danger before. It is only fair if I do that too, "he said and carefully let go of the Thai man's hand. Changkyun jumped up and I gathered all my courage and did the same. However, Yeri did not let go of my hand.

"You don't have to come with me," I whispered, but she clung even tighter to my arm. I hardly knew Red Velvet at all, but despite that I wanted to protect Yeri, just like everyone else here.
The four of us stepped out into the hallway, Changkyun was clutching Mingyu and Mingyu was clutching a knife.

It was really icy in the hallway. The cold enveloped me and made me shiver, it cooled me down and drew my blood out of my body. I got dizzy.
"Then let's see," said Mingyu and wanted to pinch the door handle, but was called back by a voice.

"STOP! Yerin yelled from Gfriend, who was standing with Sehun hand in hand at the door to the hallway. We turned around and looked at her in amazement. She stretched out her arm and I could see her hand trembling abnormally. She pointed a magnet attached to the door.
"If you touch the door, it won't just blow the door, but the whole house," she said hoarsely, and I could see dry tears on her cheeks. "My dad is a bomb specialist, he used to show me everything," she left her arm will drop again as if her strength had been robbed.

Mingyu, according to her words, dropped his knife and looked in shock at the small magnet that stuck to the door like an eye. He pulled away from Changkyun and ran back before hugging Yerin. And he cried. "Thanks," he sobbed, "you just saved my life." Yerin, however, wasn't happy about his gratitude, she just started to cry too. "I don't know if I saved him or just postponed his death," she whispered as Mingyu let go of her and I walked past her.
I felt sick at her words.

"What's going on?" Matthew asked when we were all back at the chairs. San from Ateez was standing next to his chair, pale as a sheet and next to him was Jungwoo from Nct, who looked like he was about to hyperventilate. He was pale and his expression was a mixture of empty and shocked, his breathing intermittently.
"Fuck, Jungwoo", suddenly came Sehun, who until now had only been quiet and held Yerin's hand. He came up to the younger boy and put his hands on his shoulders and tried to calm him down.

"San, what's going on?" Matthew asked the younger boy to speak, but he only pointed silently at Jungwoo, who was able to breathe normally again. The blond-haired man was now holding up a sheet of paper with fiery hands, but his were shaking Fingers too hard that the sheet of paper flowed out of them and sailed to the floor, the room fell silent and we all looked at the sheet of paper in awe.

San was crying and sobbing and Jungwoo just stared numbly at the floor. My fingers tingled, but I didn't dare to pick it up. Dahyun came up to us and carefully hugged San, who was crying on her shoulder and although she shed tears herself, she comforted him. I felt someone hugging me from the side and looked closely at Bambam's hair. He clung to me and I stroked his back with my free hand. Yeri was still hogging my other hand.

Matthew cleared his throat and looked into my eyes and waited for a reaction, but I didn't know how to react, so I just nodded, not knowing if it was right or wrong. Why did I have to decide everything?

He picked up the sheet of paper, stood next to me and read the text out loud. And these words made my veins run cold:

Good evening my dear Kpop Idols,

I hope you were able to recover from the stunning blow and the anesthetic injections.
You are probably wondering what you are all doing here. Entitled.
Because we're going to play a fun little game. A game that only one can win.

The game is called: Survive the crazy house.

You are here in a beautiful villa. It belonged to my late uncle. He loved this villa with all his heart and would have died if he had to sell it. So don't be mad if he annoys you a little because you now live in her.

The villa is very big and since my uncle loved it so much, you don't know what's behind the next corner.

Let yourself be surprised.
You can of course also pick up your hand, you have probably already seen the knives. It is important that only one person wins in the end, one remains at the end, as a reward that person is granted freedom.

A wonderful gift, don't you think so?

I wish you much fun. May the better player win.

xoxo Mr. X
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