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“Karin M. is Germany's best Diana doppelganger, maybe even in all of Europe. (...) Lady Diana (Di), alias Karin M., is ideal for the advertising industry. ”Is next to the photo on the website of an artist agency.
A doppelganger. A good idea for effective advertising. Maybe even a possible attraction at the annual company party, who knows.

Too many people find another person who looks similar, has a similar style, or bears the same name. Any differences in appearance that still exist can be blurred by applying make-up or using modern photo technology. In this way, prominent artists, actors or athletes in advertising are copied from people who are confusingly similar to them.

But is it that easy? Can a doppelganger offer herself for advertising and events in order to possibly deceive the audience?

The legal situation is not clear in these cases. The jurisprudence uses sometimes daring constructions in order to decide disputed cases "fairly". Because the doppelganger always has the same rights to present himself in public and to advertise as a celebrity.

This book examines in detail how to legally judge advertising with a celebrity's doppelganger. It is also examined what rights a celebrity has in the case of illegal advertising with "his" doppelganger, how illegally obtained profit can be skimmed off and whether sanctions in the form of fines can be imposed.

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