Can I bring a drone to India?

Drone on a trip around the world and traveling • Interview with drone camp

Before we dive deeper into the whole drone topic and chat about drone recommendations, equipment and regulations, let's start with the most important thing: the drone laws. They vary from country to country and therefore the same new question arises again and again when traveling: Where am I allowed to fly and what do I have to consider?


Do i need a drone driver's license?

A question that is now frequently asked for which, unfortunately, there is no clear yes or no. This depends entirely on the country in question and the weight of your drone. Examples would be the EU or Canada. Here you may need a driver's license / proof of knowledge for your drone.


Why are there so many laws for drones in the first place?

A good question. Here you have to understand that drones are often viewed critically from two perspectives:

1. Government

On the one hand, there are governments which, among other things, Collisions want to prevent with manned aviation. If a drone collided with a helicopter or an airplane, the consequences would be catastrophic. But there are many other situations why some countries strictly regulate drones. For example, some abuse Poachers Drones for their disgusting business. With this knowledge, one can easily understand why one is not allowed to use drones in many national parks and why there must be sensible laws for drones.

2. Locals and travelers

When I have climbed a mountain or spend my beach vacation on an island, such scenarios seem far away. But there is also the side of the other travelers and the locals, who sometimes view drones critically.

When people sunbathe on the beach, they feel they are being watched by the flying camera. Here you have to be considerate of other people's privacy. In addition, drones also cause background noise that should not be underestimated. Vacationers who want to relax in nature can be annoyed by the hum of a drone.

We understand that people feel disturbed by drones. There are different reasons for this depending on the situation, but it is usually easy to avoid them. We eliminate the potential for conflict right from the start by proactively approaching people and explain what we want to do with the drone. If you explain everything reasonably and remove concerns from the start, hardly anyone will say anything against it.

We have so far almost only positive experiences collected and mostly came across people who were interested in the technology and the resulting recordings. For me there is no reason to be put off by taking a drone with me when traveling. You should only treat other people with respect and be ready to leave the drone on the ground in inappropriate situations.

Ania & Daniel here:
We can only agree with that and we have always had only positive experiences when we went to the bungalow neighbor beforehand and briefly explained that we would like to fly the drone. Usually they want to know more and are very enthusiastic.


Which countries are “drone friendly”?

Countries are for me Drone friendly if you go without registration or approval Get your drone into the air. Countries with these criteria are colored green at point 2 here in the post on the world map. However, you should note that certain requirements (e.g. maximum flight altitude and safety distances) must be observed.


Which countries prohibit the use of drones?

There are a number of countries where drones are banned. For example, if you are in Cuba or Nicaragua land, your drone will be taken from you and kept until your departure. However, there are also states (e.g. Morocco, India), in which the drone is confiscated. Then you have no chance of ever seeing your plane again.

Here too: All countries with a drone ban are colored red in the world map under point 2.


Where can I find information about drone laws?

The rules to be applied to drones are defined in the aviation laws of the respective countries. Some national aviation authorities make the requirements available on their homepage, but often only in the national language. Because it is so difficult to get reliable information, we have been researching for several years and collecting the drone laws for most countries in the world on our blog. In addition to our information, which we are constantly updating, there is also the possibility of exchanging ideas with other drone pilots using the comment function.