How is Mitsubishi air conditioning

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner M-Series R32 Compact Wall Unit Set

The compact wall models are ideal for energy-saving air conditioning in small rooms, as they start from size 1.5 kW and complete the performance range with six sizes up to 5.0 kW. With their compact dimensions, the indoor units fit harmoniously into the room situation. Also because they work extremely quietly, they are barely noticeable. With their compact dimensions, the pure white indoor units fit harmoniously into the room situation. Despite the compact design, the wall-mounted units work extremely quietly at 21 dB (A) in cooling and heating mode and offer an all-round feel-good climate in noise-sensitive rooms. The patented air outlet with Dual Air Guide ensures draft-free air discharge in cooling mode and optimal air distribution in heating mode.

Mitsubishi Klima - With R32 refrigerant

Compared to the usual refrigerant R-410A, R-32 has a 68% lower impact on the environment with regard to the global warming potential (GWP) and is easily recyclable. In conjunction with the new technologies in Mitsubishi air conditioning systems, this refrigerant can also be used to achieve higher energy efficiency. R32 has a lower impact on the environment and leads directly to a reduction in the consumption of electrical energy.

Brief overview

The outdoor unit is already pre-filled for a 7m line length

Cools - heats - dehumidifies

Energy efficiency class up to A +++

Turbo function for quick cooling / heating

Sleep mode

Advanced inverter technology

Whisper-quiet compressor

R32 coolant

Household voltage 220-240V


Shipping weight: 49.00 kg
Key Features: Cooling, heating and dehumidification
Heat pump technology
Turbo mode
24-hour timer and sleep mode,
Auto restart in the event of a power failure
Brand: Mitsubishi
Model name: MSZ-AP25VG-MUZ-AP25VG
Device type: Cooling and heating
Cooling capacity: 2.5 kW
Heating capacity: 3.2 kW
British thermal unit (BTU): 9.000
Energy efficiency class cooling / heating: A +++ / A ++
SEER: 8,6
SCOP: 4,8
Power consumption 1) * cooling kWh / year: 101 kWh / year
Electricity consumption 1) * heating kWh / year: 698 kWh / year
Sound pressure level inside dB (A) (min / norm / high / max): 19/36
Sound pressure level outside dB (A): 47
Cooling work area: -15 to +46
Dehumidification rate L / h:
WI-FI: Yes (optional)
Refrigerant pre-charge for line length (m): 7
Refrigerant pipe diameter Ø: Pressure side (liquid): 1/4
Suction side (gas): 3/8
Refrigerant (GWP): R32
Dimensions inside (W x H x D): 798x299x219
Dimensions outside (W x H x D): 800x550x285
Weight inside / outside: 10.5 / 31.0 kg