Do humans really have skunks as pets

Black and white love affair: From the life of skunk owners

“People always say that as pets, skunks are like cats. That always makes me laugh, because that's something that can only be said clearly by someone who has never had a skunk. But skunk owners know the truth pretty well. Skunks are a lot more affectionate and a lot smarter. You embody a determination and an ingenuity that Willie Nelson would bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eyes. Skunks are as American as it gets. Sorry, bald eagle. "
- Travis Hamza

I met thoroughly committed and caring people who owned monkeys, chimpanzees, lions, tigers, pumas, poisonous reptiles, bears, lemurs, kangaroos, lynxes, alligators and hedgehogs. One even kept a capybara - a rodent that weighs up to 90 kilograms and is native to Brazil.

Surprisingly, very few of the people I met endorsed keeping exotic pets. Most even said they would strongly advise other people against getting an exotic one. They did this not out of remorse, but as a warning to potential owners. Because caring for such animals requires an exceptional level of responsibility and commitment. Each of these people came to their animals in different ways, and their relationships with their protégés are just as varied.

Albert Killian is a gentle man who is fascinated by snakes. It lives side by side with king cobras, uraeus snakes and other extremely venomous snakes. The bedroom he keeps her in looks more like a showroom in a zoo. He worships and respects an animal that doesn't really give or want affection. And he was bitten over 100 times.