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Benefits for admission to the 1st state examination in law

In order to be admitted to the First State Examination in Law, the following achievements and requirements must be met:

Basic subjects

Proof of achievement to meet the requirements of § 9 Paragraph 2 No. 2 JAPrO 2002 (basic subjects) are acquired in the basic courses. The details of the implementation are announced by the lecturers in the individual courses.


Proof of achievement in a seminar according to § 9 Abs. 2 Nr. 3 JAPrO are generally acquired through the study work in the context of the university focus area study. If the entire specialization course and the examinations are subsequently stored, a seminar certificate according to § 9 Paragraph 2 No. 3 JAPrO must be acquired as an admission requirement for the First State Examination in Law. Further information can be obtained from the academic advisory service.

Exercise for advanced learners in civil law, criminal law and public law

For the proof of achievement of the successful participation in an exercise for advanced students are in each case a housework and a supervisory work that have been given at least a grade of sufficient. The two courses must be completed within two consecutive semesters.

The assignments for the exercise are given during the lecture-free period by the instructor who carries out the exercise in the semester following the lecture-free period. The term paper is also assigned to the semester preceding the lecture-free period.

The Practice exams are offered for a processing time of 3 hours and take place on Friday afternoons. You can find the dates in the course catalog.

Foreign language certificate

In order to obtain the foreign language certificate, it is necessary to have regularly participated in a foreign-language jurisprudential event or a jurisprudential language course. Courses recognized by the State Judicial Examination Office are published in the course catalog under the relevant heading.

Key qualification

The courses for imparting interdisciplinary key qualifications include basic knowledge in e.g. negotiation management, interviewing, rhetoric, interrogation theory, mediation, communication skills. A legal reference is important. A lecture or a comparable oral examination must be passed as an examination performance. Key qualifications recognized by the State Judicial Examination Office are published in the course catalog under the relevant heading.

Proof of achievement

All examinations passed in the above courses are recorded in ZEuS.
For the application for admission to the First State Examination in Law at the State Judicial Examination Office, the office of the faculty will provide you with an overview of all university admission requirements.

Application for a complete overview of services

Practical study time

During the lecture-free time of the law studies, a three-month practical study period must be completed; Participation is a prerequisite for admission to the First State Examination in Law (§ 5 JAPrO 2002).

- The internship can only be completed during the semester break.
- Minimum duration per section: 4 weeks
- Internship certificate: form-free

Proof of the required study time

The period of study required for admission in accordance with Section 5 (1) of the German Judiciary Act must be proven, and the two semesters immediately preceding the state examination must be taken at the law department of the university at the examination location. If the data control sheets are no longer available, a so-called study progress certificate is available from the student service center.