Pay for protection tax exempt

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Protection tax [jizya] is a special tax for adult men among the people of the book [ahl-ul-kitab] who live under Islamic rule, if they do not want to take part in the defense of the country. It is a kind of compensation payment for those under protection [dhimmi] for exemption from military service and, if necessary, defense deployment on a voluntary basis.

Those who, on the other hand, wish to take part in the defense of the country, as was the case with the Christians in the Islamic Republic of Iran after the attack of Saddam, do not need to pay the protection tax. In addition, those under protection [dhimmi] do not need to pay the fifth tax [chums] or the zakat, so that the protection tax is a lower tax than Muslims have to pay.

Accordingly, the subject is dealt with in Islamic law [sharia] in connection with the defense of the country and military service. Payment is made exclusively to men of military age who want to exempt themselves from compulsory military service. There is no protection tax for women, children, the impoverished, monks, clergymen, etc.

All followers of the book religion, regardless of whether they pay protective tax, do military service or are not obliged to do so, are under the special protection of Muslims, for whom protection is a religious obligation [wajib] and applies not only to the person but also to the special rights of the respective book religion. Hence they enjoy the status of wards [dhimmi].

According to Islamic belief, the protection tax will be abolished shortly after the appearance of Imam Mahdi (a.), Since there will then be no more wars on earth and thus military service is just as little necessary as the alternative protection tax [jizya].

In order to defame Islam, this term, which among other things respectfully grants special rights to Christians, is very often falsified in meaning by orientalists.

Obituary notice for an Armenian Christian who was martyred in the Iraq-Iran war in 1988 (Christians in the Islamic Republic of Iran do not pay any protection tax because they are actively involved in national defense)