How do I become a speaker

Become a speakerWhy the job as a keynote speaker often remains a dream

It is also questionable when the aforementioned Grande announces in the speaker guild: Prospective speakers should not advertise themselves on their websites with serious references and long letters of thanks, but exclusively “with declarations such as 'great', 'wow' or 'great' '". With such language burps you can achieve that you might be able to give an animation lecture in front of bored tourists on a cruise ship, or speak to "Lieschen Müller" on stage as part of a lecture series of a regional daily newspaper. A speaker does not receive the “usual 5,000 to 6,000 euros per appearance” for this. The trade association, which could be motivated by such expressions to engage such a speaker, has yet to be founded.

Nevertheless, many consultants and trainers continue to dream of becoming a keynote speaker. Correspondingly, many service providers are now trying to win trainers and consultants with the daydream of “becoming a speaker” as customers. To do this, they use advertising texts such as: “In Germany, over 300,000 trainers, consultants and coaches share the market. With individual and intensive work, consultants achieve an average daily rate of € 1,109 according to the BDU, coaches € 1,245 according to the coaching report and trainers € 1,470 (...) In contrast, there are few experts who work less and earn an income between 200,000 and 1.5 million Realize euros (...) Find out how you can achieve these seemingly contradicting goals. ”With these words, the aforementioned grandee of the speaker scene advertises his“ Top Speaker Day ”for would-be speakers.

In addition to all kinds of training, coaching and certifications, prospective speakers are also offered services such as paid entries in any speaker encyclopedia, top speaker catalogs and similar “indispensable reference works for entrepreneurs, managing directors and decision-makers”. These works are so indispensable that you usually can't even get them from Amazon. Or their sales rank is around a million. The demand for it is so low. Nevertheless, the next editions of these encyclopedias and catalogs will probably also be full of paid portraits of would-be speakers. As is well known, hope dies last.