Will adopting a pet cost money?

Adopt a cat - soon no longer at home alone

FAQ: adopt a cat

What questions need to be clarified before adopting a cat?

In order to ensure that the animals are kept and looked after appropriately, you should first clarify whether you can meet the demands of your four-legged friends. In addition to the financial aspects, the time component must also be taken into account.

What do you have to consider in terms of living conditions?

If the animals are used to being outdoors, keeping cats in the apartment can be difficult. This aspect must also be taken into account when making a decision.

What costs do you have to budget for the adoption?

The cost of the new family member depends on numerous factors. Breeders charge between 500 and 1,000 euros, depending on the breed and pedigree. If the cat comes from an animal shelter or an animal agency, the nominal fee is usually lower.

New home for velvet paws

Previously held to keep the mice out of the house, the cat has long since become a pet in the true sense of the word.

The human The velvet paws are particularly fascinating because of their independence and strong character.

Their soft fur makes them the ideal cuddle partner. Yet some people either simply abandon their four-legged friend or hand them over to an animal shelter. There they will usually be initially neutered.

Homeless, uncastrated cats and male cats are often a major problem for animal rights activists, they reproduce unhindered and increase the number of animals to be looked after on the street. Therefore, those active in animal welfare repeatedly call for also to have indoor cats sterilized in good time.

Adopt cats from the shelter

If you want to do something good and adopt a cat, you can help by not relying on a breeder but on the animals collected in the shelter. Many clubs present their furry guests with picture and story on the internet. Prospects get so first information and can get used to the house tiger for the time being.

In the next step in cat adoption, it's time to get the Getting to know the tomcat or the cat personally. You can arrange a meeting with the animal welfare association by email or phone.

At the agreed appointment finally clarify all questions with an employee: the age, are there any allergies, what are the characteristics of the cat you want to adopt? Does she like other animals? Because you may have already adopted a dog.

And then it goes to full force, she make the acquaintance of your darling personally, sit down with him and deal with him. You will try whether the chemistry between them fits and can imagine a life together. If all the requirements are correct and the animal shelter has no objections, nothing stands in the way of placing one or more cats.

Adopt kittens or would you prefer seniors?

So clumsy, playful and cute little cats are Animal welfare has a lot more older and mature animals - cats and dogs - in the mediation. Some of them have been living in the rescue center for several years and are looking for a loving home.

So before you commit to adopting a kitten, think about whether an older animal might not win your heart as well.

Attention: If you want to travel with a cat on a plane, there are a few things to consider. Make sure you get the necessary information in good time and prepare yourself accordingly.

Adopt a cat - what are the costs?

Do you want to adopt a cat from the animal shelter? don't get away with it for free. In animal placement, there is usually one Nominal charge at that in cats can often be a good 100 euros lies. How high the costs actually are depends on some clubs:

  • Age of the animal
  • his health status
  • the race

It is therefore not insignificant whether you adopt kittens or take an older kitten home with you. The The amount is used to cover expenses already made for medical treatment and the necessary food.

With the nominal fee animal welfare associations do not make a profit. It only serves Cost recovery. If you want to get involved in the long term, you have the option of to donate at regular intervals.
Further important information can be found in the Animal Law section.
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Adopt a cat - soon no longer at home alone
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