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Alvaro Soler: The musician with a talent for languages

Alvaro Soler starts a language project together with "Babbel"

With Alvaro Soler, the language learning app "Babbel" could not have brought a better language trainer on board: In addition to Spanish and English, the musician speaks four other languages ​​fluently: Catalan, French, Italian and Japanese!

Japanese? Yes, you read that right. Alvaro Soler was born in Barcelona and grew up there until he was ten. Because his father had to move to Japan for work, the entire family emigrated to Tokyo. Although he attended a German school there, he learned Japanese fluently during his 7-year stay. He later returned to the Spanish metropolis to study industrial design. Even before his successful music career began, he decided to move to Berlin. Incidentally, he taught himself Italian by answering Italian fan mails in Italian.

"I get a lot of mail from people who write to me that they are with mineLearn Spanish songs. So I'm all the more pleased to be with Babbel nowto be able to create a new incentive to learn this beautiful language,by using my lyrics and I personally use the lessonhave spoken. "

As part of the cooperation with "Babbel", Alvaro Soler has published excerpts of the lyrics of his new single "Loca" in advance exclusively on the Babbel language learning app. In a lesson, spoken by Alvaro Soler himself, the learner is introduced to the language. The lesson follows the Babbel method mix, a mixture of tried and tested didactic learning methods proven by empirical studies. Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation are trained together.