Why should you always bring a towel

What do I have to bring to a youth hostel?

Keep going with my little FAQ series. So that you are well prepared for your trip to a youth hostel, this week I will give you answers to the most frequently asked questions about a stay at the DJH. In the first article you learned a lot about the booking procedure, today I will give you information about your luggage.

Spending the night in the youth hostel: the most frequently asked questions

Do I have to bring bed linen?

No. Clear no!

And what about towels?

Every youth hostel has towels on site, but their use is often not free for regular guests. So you can decide: Either put in a towel yourself or borrow a combination of shower towel and hand towel for your stay on site for little money. There is a special regulation for teachers and attendants during leisure time: towels are provided for them as standard.

I need a hair dryer. Are there any in the bathrooms?

Hairdryers are not part of the standard equipment, and only a few locations offer occasional hairdryers. I recommend you take one.

Can I bring food and drink with me?

Of course, the DJH has no objection to a bottle of water and one or two muesli bars in the room. However, it is not permitted to cater for yourself extensively in the room or in the dining room. Thanks to the really extensive main meals, the increasing number of bistro offers in the new buildings and the traditional snack machines, you really don't have to be afraid of starvation. During the day it is also possible to pack a packed lunch at breakfast. Simply speak to the kitchen team briefly.

Speaking of the snack machine: do I need the right change or is there a change machine?

I recommend you have coins with you. The best 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents coins as well as a few euro pieces.

Oh dear, I haven't put my membership card in my pocket. Can I still check in at my destination now?

Yes, even if you forgot your membership card at home, you can stay overnight in the youth hostel as planned. Your membership data will be found by the team at the reception using your name and address. Even better: you download the DJH App on your mobile phone - there you can scan your membership data and you are on the safe side, even if you forget your card.

I hope you have already found the answer to your current question about luggage? If not, please post them in the comments and we'll answer them there. In the third and last article of this small information series you will learn more about the topic of "infrastructure". Are there parking spaces for bicycles and what about WiFi? We clarify!

By the way, you can also find an FAQ section on the DJH website. There are also many interesting answers and facts to be discovered there.

With the blended family in the country, with a workshop on a North Sea island or with a friend in the big city: Sandra has already checked into a youth hostel in very different situations. The blogger was so enthusiastic about the diversity that she wanted to find out more about today's youth hostels. Therefore, she is now touring Germany and writing about her experiences and stays here. The 39-year-old from Bremen also delivers further DJH stories for heiterbisstuermisch.de.