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Looking for a good climate

India has been one of the USA's closest allies in Asia in recent years, and especially during the Obama administration. After the inauguration of Donald Trump, however, there was irritation in the US-Indian relationship, triggered by the sharp rhetoric of the US President.

For example, after the termination of the Paris climate protection agreement in May, US President Trump accused India of asking for "billions and billions of dollars" for development aid before the South Asian country with the world's second largest population was even ready to sign the agreement.

Modi meets Trump

Visa for IT professionals from India

There is also anger about the issuing of entry visas and work permits for Indian professionals. According to the US State Department, most applicants for the so-called "H1-B" visa came from India in 2016. The visa allows you to work in the USA without the intention of immigrating. US President Trump wants to stimulate the economy through protectionist measures. His motto: "Buy American, hire American". He has already announced that he will review the issuing of visas. This causes a lack of understanding among Indian companies that are also represented in the USA, such as the IT giant Infosys or the conglomerate Tata. They advise many US high-tech companies and rely on a lively exchange of personnel between India and the USA.

"The IT industry makes a significant contribution to American innovation and competitiveness. The majority of the top 500 US companies use Indian IT services. It is high time we talked about it," said R. Chandrashekhar, President of Nasscom , the Indian IT industry umbrella organization. It is still unclear whether Modi will address the topic.

Visa H1-B for Indian professionals

Personal affection

So far, the two statesmen have telephoned each other three times. "We still have to keep an eye on how they want to develop personal and professional relationships," said former Indian diplomat G. Parthasarathy of Deutsche Welle. "It will be a visit to build trust. The strategic issues will also be discussed," Parthasarathy continued. It remains to be seen how far India is still on the US's list of priorities.

"On the US trip, Modi is confronted with the doctrine of 'America first'," says Bahrat Karnad, political scientist at the Center for Political Research in New Delhi, in an interview with Deutsche Welle. However, Modi also has something to offer, namely access to the huge Indian market.

Easier said than done. In 2016, the trade surplus in favor of India was $ 24 billion. Trump has repeatedly criticized countries, including Germany, for this reason.

(Archive) Lockheed Martin plans to manufacture a special F-16 model in India

Big arms deals

In the run-up to the meeting, US President Trump had given the green light for a large arms deal. India is buying 22 unarmed drones worth 1.8 billion euros from the US. The Indian Navy wants to use the drones for surveillance flights along the coast and over the Indian Ocean. There, the military activities of the Chinese armed forces are constantly increasing.

In addition, the American arms company Lockheed Martin wants to sign an agreement with its Indian partner Tata. They want to jointly manufacture F-16 Block 70 combat aircraft, a custom-made model for the Indian Air Force, in India. According to media reports, the F-16 deal could be the biggest arms deal between the two countries.

Good climate

It is also planned that Modi will discuss the US exit from the Paris climate agreement with representatives from business and civil society. "The positions are known. It is a conflict," says Chandra Bhushan, vice director of the Center for Science and Environment in New Delhi. So it makes sense for India's Prime Minister to discuss the issue on other forums and not directly with the US administration. He will want to get the US economy excited about India's switch to renewable energies and demand technology transfer, "Bhushan told DW. India is determined to stick to the climate agreement.